Woori The Virgin Episode 6 Reactions: Fans Are Divided Over Woori-Kangjae Breakup

Woori The Virgin is an ongoing Korean drama about a woman who gets pregnant accidentally which changes her life and of the people around her. She chooses to keep the stranger’s baby even when he has a boyfriend. Though her boyfriend supports her, in Woori The Virgin Episode 6, she faces some issues with her boyfriend, Kang-jae which eventually leads to the ending of their relationship.

This Korean drama is directed by Jung Jung-hwa and stars Im Soo-hyang, Sung Hoon and Shin Dong-wook in lead roles. Twitter was poured with reactions from the fans who had different thoughts on the breakup. Some were team Woo-ri and some were team Kang-jae while some others didn’t care and chose to be Team Raphael.

Woori The Virgin Episode 6
Still from Woori The Virgin Episode 6

“This break-up is so lame that I can’t believe it’s really the end of Woori and Kang Jae’s relationship. Again, she thinks she is a burden for someone and made such a stupid decision. They’re gonna get together again. I still hope Raphael is her endgame tho #WooriTheVirginEp6”, a Twitter user wrote.

A fan wrote about Kang-jae, “Woah feel so sorry for him they had healthy relationship and plans for the wedding, but at once this whole future collapses He puts her in the first place and tries to understand, but all he got was the Woori and Rafael getting closer and problems from his wife #WooriTheVirginEp6”

Woori The Virgin Episode 6
Still from Woori The Virgin Episode 6

A user fangirled over Raphael and wrote, “WooriTheVirginEp6 Finally! My Raphael sweetheart literally got the sign. His smol smile after he got the sign. UwU…I love him so much #WooriTheVirgin’

“WooriTheVirginEp6 I am so sorry for those who shipped KangJae×Woori. Btw there were faults in KangJae’s side and Woori is really very protective about the baby and she would never take a chance of any problem that would effect the baby. #WooriTheVirgin”

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Twitter Reacts To Woori The Virgin Episode 6

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Woori The Virgin Episode 6 is available to watch on Viki.

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