What’s Releasing in March 2022 Week 4 on Hulu, Disney+ Hotstar and Others: The Girl from Plainville, Tomorrow, Moon Knight and More

The last few days of the month is closing in and, everyone is earnestly waiting to see what’s releasing in March 2022 Week 4. The entire month of March was slated phenomenally for all platforms starting from Hulu (Fresh, Deep Water) to Netflix (Bridgerton Season 2, Pieces of Her) to Amazon Prime Video (Upload Season 2) to Disney+ Hotstar (Soundtrack #1, Turning Red). The last few days of the month is packed to give audiences one last ride of March energy before moving on to the next month.

Check out the hidden gems that you ought to watch as the month comes to an end. Here is a quick list to breeze you through!

What’s Releasing in March 2022 Week 4 on Hulu, Disney+ Hotstar and Other Streaming Platforms (March 28- April 3)

March 28

Thermae Romae Novae- Netflix

Based on the popular manga series of the same name, this upcoming Netflix series is quirky, feel-good and a must-watch for anime lovers.

Business Proposal Episode 9- Netflix

The ninth episode of Netflix’s record-breaking Kdrama.

March 29

The Girl from Plainville- Hulu

Based on the real-life story of the death of Conrad Roy in 2014, this limited series stars Elle Fanning in an avatar never seen before.

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Johnny Hallyday: Beyond Back- Netflix

A docuseries based on that explores the life and career of France’s rock icon.

Mike Epps: Indiana Mike- Netflix

Netflix’s stand up comedy special by Mike Epps.

Business Proposal Episode 10- Netflix

The tenth episode of Netflix’s record-breaking Kdrama.

March 30

All Hail- Netflix

An Argentinian comedy-drama of self-discovery.

Wild Abandon- Netflix

A Turkish drama that uniquely deals with the concept of mid-life crisis.

Trust No One: The Hunt for Crypto King- Netflix

A true-crime documentary about the death of the young founder of the world’s collapsing cryptocurrency.

Broken Idol- Netflix

A documentary film about Colombia’s iconic singer Diomedes Diaz.

Moon Knight- Disney+ Hotstar

Featuring Oscar Isaac, this Marvel miniseries is one of the most anticipated releases of 2022.

Soundtrack #1 Episode 2- Disney+ Hotstar

The second episode of Disney+’s newly released Kdrama.

Thirty-Nine Episode 11- Netflix

One of the final episodes of Netflix’s Kdrama.

March 31

Sharmaji Namkeen- Amazon Prime Video

Directed by Hitesh Bhatia, this film marks Rishi Kapoor’s posthumous appearance following his death in 2020. The other cast members include Juhi Chawla, Suhail Nayyar and Isha Talwar.

Thirty-Nine Episode 12- Netflix

The final episode of Netflix’s Kdrama.

April 1

Morbius- Theatres

The origin story of Spider-Man’s iconic villain, starring acting sensation Jared Leto.

Attack: Part 1- Theatres

Starring John Abraham in the lead role, this theatrical release is the story of India’s first super-soldier.

Apollo 10 1/2- Netflix

By the acclaimed director Richard Linklater, this Netflix film is all about space, astronomy and the joy of it all.

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Forever Out of My League- Netflix

An Italian romantic comedy on fickle fate and ultimate destiny.

Get Organised: The Home Edit Season 2- Netflix

The second season of Netflix’s feel-good lifestyle series.

The Bubble- Netflix

A witty thriller-comedy by Judd Apatow on a bunch of cast and crew shooting a sequel amidst quarantine.

Battle: Freestyle- Netflix

A Norwegian hip-hop drama.

Celeb Five: Behind the Curtain- Netflix

A behind-the-scenes mockumentary on the Korean comedian girl group, Celeb Five.

The Last Bus- Netflix

A British science fiction series that will especially impress kids.

Tomorrow- Netflix

Netflix’s latest fantasy Kdrama is about a young man made half-human and half-spirit and set to work in the underworld for a company of grim reapers.

April 2

Aadavallu Meeku Joharlu- SonyLIV

A Telugu language film directed by Tirumala Kishore.

Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 15- Netflix

One of the final episodes of Netflix’s most loved Kdrama.

Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 15- Netflix

One of the final episodes of Netflix’s most loved Kdrama.

April 3

Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 16- Netflix

The finale to Netflix’s most loved Kdrama.

Forecasting Love and Weather Episode 16- Netflix

The finale to Netflix’s most loved Kdrama.

The list will be updated as per new announcements.

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