What’s Releasing in April 2022 Week 1 on Netflix, Hulu and More: Elite Season 5, Our Blues, Hardy Boys 2 and More

The fourth month of 2022 is here and, the question of what’s releasing in April 2022 week 1 is also buzzing around. Well, we can assure you that Netflix, Hulu and other streaming platforms are laying out a rather interesting slate for the audience to stay interested and invested. With the end of heartwarming Kdramas like Twenty-Five Twenty-One and, the release of the ever-mysterious The Girl from Plainville, April is set to bring us more of these two genres and, many others in its first week. Let us have a look through this list to know more!

What’s Releasing in April 2022 Week 1 on Hulu, Netflix and Other Streaming Platforms (April 4 – April 10)

April 4

Business Proposal Episode 11- Netflix

One of the final episodes of Netflix’s loved Kdrama.

The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episode 4- Netflix

The fourth episode of Netflix’s latest fantasy Thai drama.

April 5

The Pentaverate- Netflix

Mike Meyers’ offbeat comedy series, filled with the mystery of a secret society.

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Ronny Chieng: Speakeasy- Netflix

Netflix’s latest stand-up special featuring the iconic Malayasian comedian.

Business Proposal Episode 12- Netflix

The final episode of Netflix’s romantic Kdrama.

Hardy Boys Season 2- Hulu

The return of the Hardy brothers to solve another set of supernatural-horror mysteries, set only six months after the events of the first season.

The Girl from Plainville Episode 4- Hulu

The fourth episode of Hulu’s latest true-crime limited series, starring Elle Fanning in the titular role.

April 6

Green Mothers’ Club- Netflix

A new Kdrama on Netflix about the life of five moms in a competitive grade school community, ideal for fans of SKY Castle.

Furioza- Netflix

A Polish action-thriller about a policewoman making her ex-boyfriend an offer he cannot seem to refuse.

Michela Giraud: The Truth, I Swear- Netflix

An Italian stand-up comedy special about the youth, body image and more.

Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story- Netflix

A shocking docuseries about the sexual abuse allegations of TV star Jimmy Savile.

Moon Knight Episode 2- Disney+ Hotstar

The second episode of Marvel’s miniseries starring Oscar Isaac in the titular role.

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April 7

Dasvi- Netflix

Starring Abhishek Bachchan, Yami Gautam and Nimrat Kaur in major roles, this upcoming Netflix film is the real-life story of a politician’s journey to get educated.

Return to Space- Netflix

A documentary on Elon Musk and SpaceX engineers’ historic mission to return NASA astronauts to the International Space Station.

Senzo: Murder of a Soccer Star- Netflix

The shocking killing of Soccer player Senzo Meyiwa gets investigated in this documentary series.

Soundtrack #1 Episode 3- Disney+ Hotstar

The third episode of Disney+’s feel-good Kdrama.

April 8

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore- Theatres

The third instalment of the Fantastic Beasts series, which will shed light on the relationship between Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald.

The Lost City- Theatres

Starring Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum and Daniel Radcliffe in central roles, the film is about a reclusive writer’s life turning upside down while on a tour.

The Contractor- Theatres

A military action-thriller movie starring Chris Pine.

Elite Season 5- Netflix

The fifth season of the fan favourite Spanish teen mystery drama.

The In-Between-Netflix

An emotional tale of heartbreak and spirituality, starring Joey King.

Metal Lords- Netflix

A feel-good movie about two misfits on a path to devote themselves to Metal music.

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Yaksha: Ruthless Operations- Netflix

Featuring an ensemble cast, this Netflix film is filled with spy wars, Black Ops and much darker and gritty realities.

Dirty Lines- Netflix

A dutch drama about an enterprising college student’s tumble into a new and expected career.

Dancing on Glass- Netflix

A suspenseful Spanish film about two ballerinas’ escape into a friendship that shields them from the hard realities of life.

Tomorrow Episode 3- Netflix

The third episode of a new fantasy Kdrama starring Rowoon, Kim Hee-seon and others.

April 9

Our Blues- Netflix

A romantic Kdrama from Jeju Island, ideal for fans of Hometown Cha Cha Cha.

My Liberation Notes- Netflix

An upcoming Netflix Kdrama about three siblings who break free from their mundane lives.

The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episode 5- Netflix

The fifth episode of Netflix’s latest fantasy Thai drama.

Tomorrow Episode 4- Netflix

The fourth episode of a new fantasy Kdrama starring Rowoon, Kim Hee-seon and others.

April 10

The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episode 6- Netflix

The sixth episode of Netflix’s latest fantasy Thai drama.

The list will be updated as per new announcements.

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