What If: Who Is Hudson Thames, New Spider-Man In MCU Series?

What If Episode 5 Zombies released on Wednesday. The fans were blown away by how dark Marvel got with the latest episode. They loved everything about it and were freaked out by some of the scenes. One question most fans have in their minds is about Spider-Man, aka Peter Parker.

If you are not aware, let us tell you that Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man in the What If series, is not voiced by Tom Holland. As per the reports, due to the lockdown last year and later the filming of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Tom couldn’t lend the voice to the animated version of the superhero.

So who’s the new Spider-Man in MCU’s What If? Well, he is the very talented actor Hudson Thames. The 27-year-old actor has worked in various TV series like Mad Men, Criminal Minds, I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson and Malibu Country. As per the latest reports, Thames is also one of the leads on the upcoming CBS sitcom called Ghosts.

Several fans praised Hudson’s Spider-Man impression in the episode. A Twitter user named ‘blurayangle’ tweeted, “Spider-Man Zombie Hunter wasn’t Josh Keaton or Yuri Lowenthal. He’s voiced by #HudsonThames who did an amazing job! I love that this Peter Parker was a fan of horror movies like me & I love how upbeat he is even though he’s lost everything. Also, the UNCLE BEN mention.”

Another user ‘DiamondSpiderP’ wrote, “Can we take a moment to appreciate how good Hudson Thames was as Spidey? At some points, he sounded EXACTLY like Tom Holland! #WhatIf #SpiderMan.”

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Hudson is on Instagram, and we can also see his musician side. The actor has shared several posts where he is playing the piano and singing amazing songs.

Take a look at What If’s Spider-Man, aka Hudson Thames’s video:

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