What If Episode 9 Review: Guardians of the Multiverse

What If Episode 9 ‘What If… the Watcher Broke His Oath?’ is now out on Disney+. The season finale is written by A.C. Bradley and directed by Bryan Andrews. The episode stars Jeffrey Wright, Benedict Cumberbatch, Hayley Atwell, Chadwick Boseman, Michael B Jordan, Lake Bell, Cynthia McWilliams, Chris Hemsworth, Ross Marquand, Tom Hiddleston and Samuel L. Jackson.

The synopsis for What If last episode reads – “What If…?” flips the script on the MCU by reimagining events from the films in unexpected ways.

What If Episode 9 Review Contains Spoilers

What If Episode 9 Recap: Plot Summary

In ‘What If… the Watcher Broke His Oath?’, The Watcher calls superheroes from different universes to fight Ultron. Along with Strange Supreme, he chooses – Party Thor, Star-Lord T’Challa, Captain Carter, Black Panther Killmonger. In one universe, Tony Stark and Gamora are in Sakaar as the latter defeats Thanos. Gamora in Thanos’ armour is also the chosen one. He brings them all together and informs them about the big threat they have to defeat – Ultron. Watcher calls them ‘Guardians of the Multiverse’.

Together, they all fight their best to defeat Ultron. However, the six infinity stones give him immense power to fight the Guardians of the Multiverse. Will they succeed in the battle against Ultron? The Watcher breaks his oath of not interfering to save the multiverse. But will his chosen heroes succeed and destroy the evil AI? You have to watch the episode to know the same.

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What If Episode 9 Review: Discussion

Disney+ What If last episode intrigues you with the way it starts. The way The Watcher picks up the chosen heroes is hilariously creepy. When they all come together, the writers have added jokes to lighten the tension from the previous episode. Unfortunately, they overdid with jokes in today’s episode as it delayed the action we all were waiting to see.

When Ultron and the Guardians have a showdown, I was glued to the screen till the end. Today’s episode is packed with magnificent action scenes, stunning visuals and amazing twists. Strange Supreme gave me more reasons to be a fan because of how powerful he appears in front of deadly Ultron. A few fight scenes are inspired by The Avengers (2012) and Avengers: Endgame (2019) battle scenes.

The animation in today’s episode is spectacular; almost every scene is breathtaking. The action scenes are choreographed neatly, unlike a bit of a mess we saw during Endgame. In the movies, the infinity saga is over. But today’s episode is a good amalgamation of Infinity stones and the multiverse.

What If Episode 9 Review: Final Discussion

Overall, the finale is intriguing and a hit. It’s a dream come true for every MCU fan to see a fight between Ultron and the superheroes. However, some jokes were a put-off. It is the last time we get to see Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa, and yet again, he proves why he’s loved. So don’t waste any time and just watch the outcome of Watcher breaking his oath.

What If…? Episode 9 is now streaming on Disney+.

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What If Episode 9 Recap: Titled 'What If... the Watcher Broke His Oath?', The Watcher interferes to save the multiverse from Ultron.

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