What If Episode 9 Memes: Sneaky The Watcher, Evil Killmonger

Social media is currently flooded with What If Episode 9 memes and reactions. The season finale called ‘What If… the Watcher Broke His Oath?’ was released today on Disney+ Hotstar. The article contains memes from today’s episode. So it’s better to avoid reading further if you are yet to watch the series.

In What If last episode, The Watcher brings together Strange Supreme, Party Thor, Star-Lord T’Challa, Captain Carter, Black Panther Killmonger and Gamora to fight Ultron. Natasha from episode 8 also joins them all later to defeat the evil AI. The episode consists of some jokes and high-octane action scenes. While the ‘Guardians of the Multiverse’ were fighting Ultron, The Watcher stayed away and only watched everything happening.

A lot of people shared hilarious What If Episode 9 memes on Twitter. Some made fun of The Watcher and also of Strange’s awkward toast before the final battle. Today’s episode also didn’t kill everyone’s favourite Tony Stark/Iron Man. One person tweeted, “Finally an episode where tony didn’t die LMAOOOOO”.

Another person tweeted, “So Thor is an Avenger, Revenger, a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy & The Guardians of the Multiverse”. “The Watcher: You’ve all been chosen. (To guardians of the multiverse) Spider man: Am I joke to you!?,” wrote another fan as Spider-Man from Zombies episode wasn’t included in the final battle. “The Watcher watching the guardians of the multiverse fight Ultron instead of getting his ass handed to him a second time #WhatIf,” tweeted a fan.

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Check out What If Episode 9 memes:

Well, these are my favourite What If memes.

Fans are now looking forward to more such multiversal madness with What If season 2. The last episode had an end credit scene where Captain Carter and Natasha Romanoff find a Hydra Stomper with someone inside it. We don’t know who it is, but let’s hope we find the answers in the next season.

Did you like the last episode? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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