What If Episode 4 Memes: Doctor Strange Fans Are In Pain

After watching What If… Doctor Strange Lost His Heart And Not His Hands, fans couldn’t stop themselves from sharing What If Episode 4 memes. In these memes, they expressed their reactions to Benedict Cumberbatch’s episode. The story contains spoilers from the episode.

In What If…? Episode 4, instead of losing his hands, Stephen Strange loses his heart, his lover Christine Palmer, played by Rachel McAdams. When Strange becomes the Sorcerer Supreme, he uses the Eye of the Agamotto to bring back Christine. However, every time Doctor Strange would go back in time, Christine would die. The Ancient One has no choice but to split the timeline into two, thus giving us two Doctor Strange.

After the timeline is split, one Stephen Strange gets power-hungry to challenge time and save Christine. He consumes power from every powerful being in the universe and become Strange Supreme. In the same timeline, the other Doctor Strange accepts Christine’s death and doesn’t go back in time. At the end of the episode 4, we get to see a powerful showdown between both of them.

What If Episode 4 Memes Still
What If Episode 4 Memes: Still from the episode

Strange Supreme defeats Doctor Strange and saves Christine but ends up destroying the world. He asks The Watcher to help him but gets no help. Watching all these events in a terrific and eerie set-up has blown away the minds of MCU fans. Hence, there are some interesting and clever What If memes.

In one of the What If Episode 4 memes, someone made fun of how The Watcher refused to help Strange Supreme. The person wrote, “The Watcher really said ” that sounds like you problem” and vanished”. A fan compared the Doctor Strange from Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer and the latest episode in another post. The person wrote, ‘Doctor Strange wouldn’t risk the whole multiverse for a kid, Also Strange”. ‘after that #whatif episode, i demand marvel to pay for my therapy’, tweeted another fan.

Check out some What If Episode 4 memes:

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Well, these are some of my favourite What If Episode 4 memes.

Did you like the latest episode of Marvel’s animated series on Disney Plus? Which are your favourite What If memes? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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