Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 6 Recap: Na-eun, Jun-hyeong Making Expensive Mistakes

Welcome to Wedding Hell (Marriage White Paper/결혼백서) is a Korean romantic drama TV series that focuses on the craziness that is marriage. Starring Lee Jin-uk, Lee Yeon-hee, and Song Jin-woo, alongside other cast members, the series has 12 episodes and Welcome to Wedding Hell episode 6 is titled Beanball and has a runtime of around 36 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:


– Welcome to Wedding Hell episode 6 recap contains spoilers –

Get ready for some drama as Welcome to Wedding Hell comes back with a vengeance in the form of Jun-hyeong’s mother! The episode starts with some very classy and expensive shopping and Jun-hyeong realising what his mother is up to. However, she gaslights him into thinking that he’s wrong but he still jokes at every opportunity that she’s trying to flaunt his family status. And as if she couldn’t get pettier, she asks the shop attendant to keep the price tag on a mink coat.

Before the gifts get delivered to her plane, Na-eun keeps telling her friends that her mother-in-law is a simple person and will definitely keep the gifts simple, as promised. It’s like karma is just standing outside her door waiting to bite her in the behind. As Jun-hyeong arrives with the gifts, everyone excitedly ushers him in but when the layers start to come off, everyone is left awestruck. The gifts are definitely packaged absolutely beautifully and Na-eun looks pleased. However, her parents are left shocked, wondering how much they now have to spend.

welcome to wedding hell episode 6
Still From Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 6

As everyone is left happy and Hui-seon mentions that there’s more to this than just a mother’s love. It’s interesting that she’s the person I like watching the most in the series. Meanwhile, Na-eun still really hasn’t understood the significance of her gifts and is giddy like a schoolgirl, along with her mother. However, when the tag finally comes to their notice, her mother realises what’s actually going on. Unfortunately, no one believes her but Na-eun is left wondering whether there might actually be something there.

The next day, Na-eun’s mother asks her to take all the money that she has saved and use it to buy gifts. She mentions how Jun-hyeong’s mother is doing this just to be petty and that she just wants to do this to see whether they can match their gifts. Na-eun tries to be positive though and promises to find out what’s going on. She later takes her concerns to Hui-seon who also mentions that her mother-in-law definitely did it to show her but on the bright side, now she can use the mink coat as a baseline for her own gifts.

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welcome to wedding hell episode 6
Still From Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 6

Off to meet Jun-hyeong’s parents, a confused Na-eun thinks about how to broach the subject with her to-be mother-in-law. When the latter mentions getting paintings as a gift in passing, she starts to think about whether her mother-in-law wants the painting as a gift from her family. As she sits down to chat with her and get to the bottom of the matter, Na-eun asks her directly what she wants as wedding gifts since her parents want to know her preferences. The MIL gets flustered and tells her go to her room and she’ll find the answer in an envelope. Thank god it’s not a wishlist and is just a coupon for a spa treatment!

Afterwards, she asks Na-eun whether she saw the price tag and tells her that she wanted her to be able to return the coat if she disliked it and thus she asked the shopkeeper to keep the tag on. In a flashback here, we see Jun-hyeong’s mother regret her childish and petty action after doing it, meaning that she definitely did mean it to be a slight against Na-eun’s family, but regretted doing it later. Either way, in the present, she apologises and then asks for different types of gifts that she can give them.

Confused and now a bit annoyed, Na-eun returns to the living room where Jun-hyeong is sitting, looking a bit annoyed after reading a text from Hui-seon telling Na-eun that the sum total of all the gifts that she got is 80 million won.

Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 6 Review

welcome to wedding hell episode 6
Still From Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 6

I really can’t quite place Jun-hyeong’s mother and this thrill in between a soapy drama is honestly quite fun to watch. Welcome to Wedding Hell has two complicated and interesting characters – Hui-seon and Jun-hyeong’s mother and we don’t see either of them enough. Both of these women always have something or the other happening underneath the surface that none of us gets to know.

Anyway, Na-eun and Jun-hyeong really need to get their communication done better. I mean, I understand having a miscommunication or two, but the way they don’t speak about their problems is concerning to me at this point. And remember, these aren’t 20-year-old inexperienced kids. This couple is nearing their 40s are still can’t talk to each other about finances and preferences. They don’t take a united front against others and constantly hide things or straight-up lie.

After countless situations having the same outcome, it’s actually getting a bit much to see them doing the same thing over and over again. We’re at the halfway point right now and haven’t seen any growth with either of our protagonists. Thus, it’s becoming difficult to root for them, considering they never learn from their mistakes.

Regardless, I have my hopes up. Maybe they’ll find blow up at each other and talk freely!

Welcome to Wedding Hell is streaming on Netflix.

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Na-eun and Jun-hyeong continue to drown in a sea of miscommunication in Welcome to Wedding Hell episode 6.

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Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 6 Recap: Na-eun, Jun-hyeong Making Expensive MistakesNa-eun and Jun-hyeong continue to drown in a sea of miscommunication in Welcome to Wedding Hell episode 6.