Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 2 Recap: Meet the Parents

Welcome to Wedding Hell (결혼백서) is a Korean romantic drama TV series that focuses on the craziness that is marriage. Starring Lee Jin-uk, Lee Yeon-hee, and Song Jin-woo, alongside other cast members, the series has 12 episodes and Welcome to Wedding Hell episode 2 is titled Missed Sign and has a runtime of around 37 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:


– Welcome to Wedding Hell episode 2 recap contains spoilers –

Welcome to Wedding Hell episode 2 starts with Na-eun talking to her father. The discussion is about baseball and missed signs but Na-eun takes that discussion in another light – if the team wants to win the match, they cannot miss another sign like this, regardless of how tough it is to understand.

Meanwhile, Jun-hyeong is in the gym and grinning from ear to ear thinking about the proposal and Na-eun. He tells his friend that he wants to make sure that Na-eun should be the happiest bride out there and he will make sure that that happens and will help his fiancé in any way possible. His friend is really annoying though and spews a lot of stupid, sexist stuff. He asks Jun-hyeong to do whatever Na-eun says and not get too deep into it but he points out that this is the reason he doesn’t have a girlfriend.

welcome to wedding hell episode 2
Still From Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 2

On the other hand, Na-eun is out looking at beds and wondering out loud that she wants to fill her home with new stuff that would make sense to both of them. However, Hui-seon, like the pessimist that she is, points out that they haven’t even been introduced to each other’s parents and she has already started thinking about beds and whatnot. However, Na-eun mentions that Jun-hyeong’s family is not the problem, her’s are. His parents are nice and cultured and she wants to become like them but Hui-seon points out that being a girlfriend and being a fiancé/wife are very different.

The newly-engaged couple meets to discuss the next step and come to the conclusion that meeting the parents definitely comes first. They try to pick out a place to meet and Jun-hyeong tells her that they should plan something for the upcoming week. Na-eun is ecstatic at the suggestion and feels like they will feel like they are getting married only after their families meet. However, Na-eun is still nervous but Jun-hyeong puts those thoughts to rest and tells her that they’ve already met each other’s parents so things should ideally go smoothly.

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welcome to wedding hell episode 2
Still From Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 2

In case things don’t though, Jun-hyeong has made an in-depth list of what to and not to do. Honestly, this guy is the perfect boyfriend right now and is doing everything right!  Na-eun’s mother immediately goes into action mode when she tells her parents but after searching thoroughly through her wardrobe and not getting anything, her father finds just the thing for her – his credit card. Although her father tries to play the meeting off as casual, her mother mentions that meeting the family for the first time is like warfare – you need to put your best foot forward.

On the other hand, Jun-hyeong has another strategy to break the news to his mother – macarons. He tells his mother to be on her best behaviour and not talk about dowries and after a small (and funny) protest, she asks him what they have thought to do about the wedding. Jun-hyeong doesn’t want to share anything and tells his mother that the trend is for the bride and groom to plan the entire thing. However, his mother is not unconvinced and throws him out (teasingly) when he annoys her too much.

Na-eun shares her concerns with her friends and tells them that none of the people who will be meeting can handle tense situations. Hui-seon, as usual, has some thoughts to share regarding the meeting – she asks Na-eun to steer the conversation in such a way that no one talks about any details. If she can keep the discussion devoid of complicated conversations, then things will work in her favour. As Na-eun takes down notes, Su-yeon hilariously asks her why her marriage broke down when she knows everything about it, annoying Hui-seon to no end.

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welcome to wedding hell episode 2
Still From Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 2

Unfortunately for Na-eun, she comes home to find her mother bruised thanks to a massage that she got that day. She mentions that makeup can hide the bruises and then sadly mentions that she should just sit out of this meeting. That night, Jun-hyeong asks Na-eun to come out and they discuss ways in which they can control the mood in the meeting. She mentions a few signs for him to follow and just watching this scene it’s evident that Jun-hyeong will screw up the signs.

On D-day, the families all get ready to meet each and from the first minute, the two mothers seem to be very tense around each other. It’s an overall awkward situation from the first moment and things just get more awkward. From compliments not getting returned, to Jun-hyeong’s mother being snarky for no apparent reason – it’s every couple’s worst nightmare. At least Jun-hyeong takes an opportunity to shine in between after being a goofy mess. Either way, the meeting goes well, with both sets of parents welcoming them to the family.

As Na-eun’s parents discuss how sad they feel for their daughter getting married but her mother seems tense as to whether they realise the amount of money it will take to keep the wedding and the marriage afloat.

Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 2 Review

welcome to wedding hell episode 2
Still From Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 2

Welcome to Wedding Hell episode 2 is another funny and entertaining episode that keeps you entertained throughout its 35-minute runtime. The parents’ meeting was the highlight of the episode and was as awkward as one can imagine. However, I wonder why the mothers were so snarky to each other, especially Jun-hyeong’s mother. There was literally no need for her to be so cold to Na-eun’s mother and it seemed like she was spiteful just for the heck of it. It’s not even like she doesn’t like Na-eun. I don’t know whether I’m missing some cultural context or not but it’s just a bit unnecessary, even for humour’s sake.

However, at least Jun-hyeong was as cute as ever and proved to be a loving and sweet boyfriend/fiancée. Although the future will definitely come with more problems, it’s still sweet to watch the two working off of each other. Plus, it’s also quite funny throughout and will make you laugh out loud at many points.

Apart from the mother detail, the episode was perfect in every way and makes for a great watch.

Welcome to Wedding Hell is streaming on Netflix.

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Welcome to wedding Hell Episode 2 is cute in every way... except for one.

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Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 2 Recap: Meet the ParentsWelcome to wedding Hell Episode 2 is cute in every way... except for one.