Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 12 Recap: A Heartwarming Finale

Welcome to Wedding Hell (Marriage White Paper/결혼백서) is a Korean romantic drama TV series that focuses on the craziness that is marriage. Starring Lee Jin-uk, Lee Yeon-hee, and Song Jin-woo, alongside other cast members, the series has 12 episodes and Welcome to Wedding Hell episode 12 is titled Reaching home Plate and has a runtime of around 38 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:


– Welcome to Wedding Hell episode 12 recap contains spoilers –

After a successful make-up of the families in the last episode, Welcome to Wedding Hell finale starts with the couple now tackling adult responsibilities together without any outside help. In the course of navigating these difficult decisions, both of them seem to realise, funnily, that life is tougher than it appears!

Going through these tough times, the wedding is suddenly the next day. The nerves are real and Na-eun’s friends guide her through her feelings and tell her that she will be too busy the next day to be nervous. Meanwhile, Jun-hyeong is going through his own nerves while also trying to handle Min-woo’s rants.

Hilariously, this episode makes Su-yeon flirt with Min-woo if only to understand how much Hui-seon and Min-woo like each other. And both of them fall right into the trap. Hui-seon’s jealousy is actually quite entertaining to watch.

Anyway, before they go home and rest for the night, Jun-hyeong and Na-eun wistfully discuss how they won’t have to go home separately after that night. They also discuss wedding jitters and bloopers that might happen, but Jun-hyeong simply tells Na-eun to remember that after tomorrow, they will never have to do this again.

That night, after a tearful and emotional moment between mother and daughter and some much-needed advice from Jun-hyeong’s mother to her son we are catapulted to the wedding. Now, these small moments of emotion between the kids and their parents are so touching. You start to sympathise with those who were extremely catty just a few days ago.

Anyway, on the day of the wedding, Jun-hyeong looks like he’s about to faint. This time around, Na-eun calms him down and encourages him to change his mood – that she will be right there beside him so there’s nothing to be afraid of. Refreshed thanks to Na-eun’s encouragement, Jun-hyeong comes out more confident and ready to face day.

There are little moments before the big ceremony that are just so sweet that they will warm your heart, especially when Jun-hyeong moves one of the wreaths towards the bride’s side. Anyway, as the ceremony starts, the bride and groom look ready to tackle the wedding once and for all. Meanwhile, Na-eun’s father reminds her to have fun and not to overwork herself, before walking her down the aisle.

A sweet ceremony later, the bride and groom walk down the aisle to their hopeful futures together.

Welcome to Wedding hell Episode 12 Review

welcome to wedding hell episode 12
Still From Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 12

Ok, I must say that this episode was sweet as all heck. Watching Na-eun and Jun-hyeong go through so much in the last few episodes, the finale is a breath of fresh air. The episode gets the emotional moments just right and never overdoes it, which is great. You sympathize and laugh with the various emotions that the bride and groom and their families go through.

Meanwhile, Hui-seon and Min-woo’s story is also left rather sweet. Thank god they didn’t overdo it with the bouquet and stuff and just kept it simple and fun.

All in all, Welcome to Wedding Hell has been quite an up-and-down show. But the last episode is heartwarming and if you’ve been following the show from the first episode, you won’t be able to stop smiling throughout it.

Welcome to Wedding Hell is streaming on Netflix.

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Welcome to Wedding Hell episode 12 is all sorts of sweet and wraps up a rather annoying series very well.

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Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 12 Recap: A Heartwarming FinaleWelcome to Wedding Hell episode 12 is all sorts of sweet and wraps up a rather annoying series very well.