Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 11 Recap: Breakup to Makeup?

Welcome to Wedding Hell (Marriage White Paper/결혼백서) is a Korean romantic drama TV series that focuses on the craziness that is marriage. Starring Lee Jin-uk, Lee Yeon-hee, and Song Jin-woo, alongside other cast members, the series has 12 episodes and Welcome to Wedding Hell episode 11 is titled Home Run and has a runtime of around 44 minutes.

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– Welcome to Wedding Hell episode 11 recap contains spoilers –

Welcome to Wedding Hell episode 11 starts with Jun-hyeong’s mother entering her son’s apartment, a little annoyed that he hasn’t reached out, to find his apartment trashed. While cleaning, she finds the wedding catalogues in the trash and is left quite concerned.

Meanwhile, Na-eun thinks back to what she had said at the photoshoot – Jun-hyeong is irate at her and asks her how she can just end their relationship like this. Na-eun looks like she has given up at this point and calmly tells him that she just wants to break up.

welcome to wedding hell episode 11
Still From Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 11

As she cleans up her room, she sobs looking at the engagement ring and laments that she broke up not because she didn’t want to hurt him anymore but because she didn’t want to get hurt anymore. Meanwhile, Jun-hyeong drowns his sorrows away with the help of alcohol.

When he comes home drunk, his mother can feel that something is wrong and goes to talk to him. She tells him to talk to her about the wedding since it’s right around the corner, but not before complaining about not getting the respect that she deserves from him. However, he refuses to engage with her.

The friends try to figure out what’s going on with the two after Na-eun doesn’t come to work. When Jun-hyeong gets to know this fact, he looks concerned and even thinks about calling her but stops himself. Meanwhile, Na-eun wonders whether she should cancel all the wedding preparations but stops herself before sending out the text.

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welcome to wedding hell episode 11
Still From Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 11

As a last-ditch effort, Jun-hyeong’s mother goes to meet Na-eun’s parents to discuss the kids. But first, Na-eun’s father steals the show with a joke about his wife – he’s honestly the best character here and I wish we got more of him in this sordid tale. This whole section is excellent and is the only reason this episode shines.

Either, Na-eun throws a pity party about being sad with the constant fighting and apologising and refuses to do it after marriage – thus, it’s better to break up now than later. Later, Hui-seon tells her friend to stop this and call her fiancé and that she needs to understand whether she doesn’t like Jun-hyeong or the situation. Because, if it’s the latter, then she should talk to him and find a solution together.

The thought stays with her but she chooses to rather get drunk instead. Meanwhile, Jun-hyeong gets a package addressed to them and finds their wedding invitations. The text makes him cry as he thinks back to that day but just then, his mother comes home with dinner. She asks him to let go of his pride and makeup with Na-eun since winning in a fight with her won’t prove anything.

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welcome to wedding hell episode 11
Still From Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 11

She further tells him that Na-eun didn’t really do anything wrong that day and that she stirred things up for no reason. Now that the adults have met and made up, they should also get things together quickly. As they talk more, Jun-hyeong mentions how he knew from the moment he saw her that he would marry her – because she’s Na-eun and he loves her more than anyone else.

On the other hand, a drunk Na-eun has fallen asleep at the door and finally breaks the news of breaking off the wedding. Her parents just take her blabber as drunk talk and that night Jun-hyeong meets her at the park.

Na-eun chooses to act like a spoilt child and refuses to talk to her. The fact that she’s drunk doesn’t help and after chasing her through the parking lot, he tells her that he can’t break up with her and she finally tells him that she’s sick of the apologises without any change. Jun-hyeong promises to put in more effort instead of running away from their problems and realise that a bunch of people are watching them.

 After some more discussion about whether they would fight more in the future and Jun-hyeong reminding her that although they will fight more in the future, he’d still want to do that with her, the pair finally make up. It just took them a 15-minute semi-deep conversation to end this fight and they couldn’t do it for 11 episodes.

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welcome to wedding hell episode 11
Still From Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 11

Another pair, too, need to apologise and come to terms with each other – the moms finally get together to get their grievances out of the way. Yes, they also talk about the price tag and the changnanjeot conversation from the first episode. Although this is such a cringy discussion, it’s still deeper and more worthwhile than watching our main couple make up.

Anyway, the couple is back to their former selves and are finally smiling around each other. They apologise and finally get it out of the way that no one will be apologising to anyone anymore. In the next scene, the couple gets together with their parents and everyone seems apologetic and in good spirits.

Thanks to Na-eun’s father’s guidance, Jun-hyeong goes in for the final blow in the end (as her father puts it) – the wedding invitations. They invite their parents with their own sweet notes and win over the table with tact and emotions. Yes, there are tears and Na-eun’s father asks them to figure things out on their own from now on!

Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 11 Review

welcome to wedding hell episode 11
Still From Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 11

Well, that got solved very easily! So, clearly, a little bit of communication goes a long way and that’s what this episode showed us. Jun-hyeong and Na-eun finally get their act together and in spite of Na-eun’s childish behaviour, Jun-hyeong’s maturity saved the wedding and relationship.

I think their make-up talk, although very sweet, had absolutely no depth to it. They didn’t talk about their problems in-depth or actively try to solve the issues, even though the problems were apparently major enough for them to call the wedding off. This results in a rather lukewarm payoff for something that they have been building slowly over 10 episodes. Regardless, the couple looks adorable together, so that’s probably the saving grace here.

On the other hand, I think the mothers solving their issues was quite poignant and impactful. Although Na-eun’s mother didn’t elaborate on what happened to her, which was a sad cop-out, at least they brought up all the points that bothered both of them and went through them like adults. Thus, their makeup feels more natural and impactful.

All in all, this episode was sweet and important as it brings forth many topics that people might be having problems with. Although it doesn’t elaborate as well, it still mentions them, so that’s good. It was an entertaining and funny episode overall, one where I didn’t die of cringe, and Na-eun’s father is the one who stole the show, as I previously mentioned.

With one more episode to go, there’s only so much new information they can show us. If course, something doesn’t happen to Jun-hyeong or he doesn’t run away!

Welcome to Wedding Hell is streaming on Netflix.

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Welcome to Wedding Hell episode 11 is cute and sweet and solves every problem a bit too easily!

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