Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 10 Recap: When Adults Are Immature

Welcome to Wedding Hell (Marriage White Paper/결혼백서) is a Korean romantic drama TV series that focuses on the craziness that is marriage. Starring Lee Jin-uk, Lee Yeon-hee, and Song Jin-woo, alongside other cast members, the series has 12 episodes and Welcome to Wedding Hell episode 10 is titled Suspended Game and has a runtime of around 35 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:


– Welcome to Wedding Hell episode 10 recap contains spoilers –

Picking up from the last episode, a severely fighting Na-eun and Jun-hyeong face their now-fighting mothers where Na-eun’s mother asks her mother-in-law whether she really doesn’t know why it’s difficult for daughters-in-law to befriend their husbands’ mothers. His mother tells them that she doesn’t want that kind of relationship with Na-eun and if she was so uncomfortable, she should’ve told her not to come in the first place.

Welcome to Wedding hell episode 10
Still From Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 10

After a mess of a situation where Na-eun constantly apologises and her mother constantly asks her whether she really doesn’t know why it’s awkward with in-laws, an angry Jun-hyeong asks his mother to stop adding to the conversation, apologises to Na-eun’s mother and leaves with his mother. That, of course, is not before rebuffing Na-eun’s sympathetic arm pat.

At the parking lot, Jun-hyeong’s mother berates him for screaming at him and for taking Na-eun’s side. She asks him why he’s constantly taking Na-eun’s side and insulting his own mother in front of everyone. Jun-hyeong is clearly at the end of his rope and annoyed, he asks his mother what she wants him to do. Because at this point, he will have to call the wedding off. This shocks his mother, who can’t believe what her son is telling her.

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Welcome to Wedding hell episode 10
Still From Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 10

Meanwhile, at Na-eun’s home, her father brings up some great points and asks his wife why she’s creating conflict and if this hampers Na-eun’s life, whether she will take responsibility. He also scolds Na-eun and asks her why she couldn’t just go with Jun-hyeong to look at apartments alone.

Having had enough, Na-eun goes out on a walk and while writing an apology for her mother-in-law, stops herself in her tracks. Meanwhile, Jun-hyeong goes to blow off steam and thinks back to Na-eun constantly apologising to his mother.

These incidents result in Jun-hyeong getting into trouble at work and he discusses his problems with Min-woo. All of a sudden, he has the genius idea of making him talk to his mother and mentions that he just wants to get away from this marriage thing and hide somewhere.

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Welcome to Wedding hell episode 10
Still From Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 10

That’s when both he and Na-eun get a text that their wedding photoshoot is coming up. Na-eun is tense and wonders how she will do all this when all of their plans are in disarray. However, Hui-seon reminds her that at this point, not doing the photoshoot is like agreeing to not get married.

Meanwhile, a frustrated Jun-hyeong goes home and throws away everything wedding-related at his place when he gets a text from Min-woo telling him to contact his mother since she isn’t doing that well. On the other hand, Na-eun is taking the bus home and tells Hui-seon that she’d rather have some quiet time than do anything else – even talking to Jun-hyeong seems too daunting.

Being the MVP that she is, Hui-seon and Min-woo decide to get Jun-hyeong and Na-eun to a bar to sort things out. Both the friends give them a pep talk and tell them to sort things out before the photoshoot the next day. However, things remain extremely tense and awkward between the couple throughout the evening.

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Welcome to Wedding hell episode 10
Still From Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 10

The cab ride home is also extremely awkward. And even though they do talk about trivial stuff, they fail to break the ice. At the studio, however, it’s evident that Jun-hyeong does miss Na-eun and their bond as he keeps looking at her longingly. Unfortunately, they are unable to relax and enjoy the process of the photshoot.

Jun-hyeong tries several times to talk to Na-eun but she keeps shooting him down. However, when it becomes unbearable for him, he stops the shoot and decides to talk first. Unfortunately, that conversation, too, goes nowhere and Na-eun just keeps stonewalling Jun-hyeong, to the point where you can see both of them losing patience for the situation.

They try to start the photoshoot again but this time, Na-eun realises that they cannot continue like this and the reason she wanted to marry him was that she wanted to grow old with him but she doesn’t want that anymore. She doesn’t want to see what it’s like to fight anymore and thus, she tells him, it’s best if they stopped doing this, essentially telling him that they should not get married.

Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 10 Review

Welcome to Wedding hell episode 10
Still From Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 10

Welcome to Wedding Hell episode 10 is another glaring example of how Na-eun and Jun-hyeong are both grossly immature but I wonder how they have spent time with each other without a single fight! It’s so bizarre.

Anyway, honestly, I am just watching this to see how far the couple can take this silly fight before realising that they are not against each other but are together against everyone else. Na-eun trying to brush everything under a rug and behaving as if things are fine and dandy is not only problematic but makes me wonder how people in their late 30s can be like this.

At least Ju-hyeong was trying to be a bit more mature in this episode, so thank god. The man tried to talk to Na-eun multiple times so that they can solve their issues. However, there’s only so much you can do when you’re getting stone-walled.

Either way, Welcome to Wedding Hell proves that regardless of your age, your stunted emotional maturity will invariably result in your personal life going up in flames if you don’t take care of your feelings and don’t experience things in life. Also, tugging on mom’s apron strings at 40 isn’t cool, and nor does it add anything to life, especially when you think you can’t make major life choices without them.

Overall, though, I was entertained because this is the direction I expected the show to go towards. I honestly would’ve been shocked had they made up their issues without blowing up their entire relationship first.

Let’s see whether the two eventually get married or not in the next two episodes. But something tells me that the creators wanted to bring this drama into the show to give us a satisfying last episode.

Welcome to Wedding Hell is streaming on Netflix.

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Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 10 is entertaining, if only because they go down expected paths.

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Welcome to Wedding Hell Episode 10 Recap: When Adults Are ImmatureWelcome to Wedding Hell Episode 10 is entertaining, if only because they go down expected paths.