Waffles and Mochi’s Holiday Feast Review: Cuisine Trip of Two Dessert Puppets

Waffles and Mochi’s Holiday Feast is a Family Features directed by Jeremy Konner and written by Erika Thormahlen. It stars Michelle Zamora, Russ Walko, Michelle Obama and Samin Nosrat and is currently streaming on Netflix with a run time of 28 minutes and audio in English.

Netflix describes Waffles and Mochi’s Holiday Feast as:

“On the first-ever Freezie Day, Waffles and Mochi learn that holiday traditions aren’t just about food. They’re about making memories with those you love!”

Waffles and Mochi’s Holiday Feast review does not contain spoilers –

Waffles and Mochi’s Holiday Feast is an adorable, cute, and educational drama especially for kids and the younger generation. The mastermind behind the concept and execution is the Former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, who has beautifully explained the importance of consuming healthy food in life. Through Waffles and Mochi, the idea of living in the moment and enjoying the memories to the fullest is displayed.

Michelle Obama narrates the story of two best friends Waffles and Mochi who live in the land of frozen food and envisage themselves as popular chefs. But there is a big barrier in their dream as they can only prepare ice because all food gets frozen in their land. Waffles and Mochi come upon an idea when they see a truck full of grocery items that is left unattended outside their shack. They follow the store containing garden-fresh food items and the real adventure begins there.

Waffles and Mochi are shown as cute puppets who live with a magical mop stick and cupboard that can speak. The series presents some visually appealing cinematography and animated creation where the land of frozen food is colorful and beautiful. The series has indirectly given a message for young kids to indulge in healthy fruits and vegetables and lead a robust lifestyle. Waffles and Mochi’s Holiday Feast goes on educating by revealing how much labor it takes to grow tomatoes and it cannot be considered a vegetable but a fruit because there contain seeds inside.

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We feel that it is a series exclusively for kids but as it progresses we realize that it is basically an adventure-based food show where Waffles and Mochi have conversations ranging from iconic culinary artists to popular eateries. Usage of store-centric strategy to increase visits can be seen in a major chunk of the series. A good part is when hearing-impaired individuals work at a joint by using sign language and a tomato declares itself as a fruit through a song.

Michelle Obama establishes her identity of being a great advocator of healthy eating and lifestyle accurately through the series. She is not from an acting background but her personality and interactive skills make her words look promising. The highlight of the series is Waffles and Mochi who have managed to grab more limelight than Michelle Obama via their lovable voice and sweet persona.

Summing up: Waffles and Mochi’s Holiday Feast

Waffles and Mochi's Holiday Feast
Waffles + Mochi. (L to R) Tracee Ellis Ross, Broom, Baby Steve, Waffles, Samin Nosrat, Lyric Lewis as Baker in Waffles + Mochi Holiday Feast. Cr. Adam Rose/Netflix © 2021

Michelle Zamora and Piotr Michael the voice behind Waffles and Mochi have appropriately done their job in showcasing the two besties as fun-loving puppets. Waffles and Mochi are mad for food and embark on a journey to see various foodstuffs and imaging to make a nice snack out of it. Through these scenes, the target is to make children learn to cook an effortless and tasty meal.

The surprise guests Tracee Ellis Ross, Samin Nosrat, and Lyric Lewis have a good time with Waffles and Mochi at their house which is audio-visually entertaining and funny. Waffles and Mochi’s darling selves can motivate younger children to consume good food and enlighten them about utilizing numerous add-on additives in their food to make it healthy and yummy. Overall Waffles and Mochi’s Holiday Feast can be watched by kids for its educative and learning content.

Waffles and Mochi’s Holiday Feast is streaming now on Netflix.

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Waffles and Mochi's Holiday Feast is all about Waffles and Mochi being given a surprise visit by their friends which changes the mood of the whole party and they realize that food is not the only thing that can bring happiness during holidays.

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