Thor Love and Thunder: Is this Valkyrie’s New Suit?

With Thor 4 titled Thor Love and Thunder’s release date getting closer, we have been getting some first looks of all the characters. Recently Tessa Thompson who plays Valkyrie had shared a picture of her new suit from the movie. The suit appears to be an upgrade from her previous suit which was seen in Avengers: Endgame and Thor Ragnarok but is toned down a little, maybe to showcase her as the ruler of Asgard.

While initially brought on as a side character, Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie has emerged to be one of the key players in the next phase of the Marvel cinematic universe as she is made the next ruler of Asgard after Thor gives up being the King. She will be the ruler of the new Asgard while Thor patches things up with his previous girlfriend Jane Foster, who is played by Natalie Portman. Valkyrie’s bisexuality will also be addressed, according to MCU head honcho Kevin Fiege. Jane will take on the role of Thor while dealing with Cancer, a very powerful story from the comics.

The film will also feature a prominent role from all the members of another Marvel superhero group- The Guardians of the Galaxy. Star-Lord and his friends might be crucial to help Thor in his journey of self-discovery.

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Check out Valkyrie’s new suit from Thor Love and Thunder:

The most interesting casting for this movie is definitely Christian Bale. An extraordinary actor, Bale returns for his first superhero flick since Christopher Nolan’s final Batman film back in 2012- The Dark Knight Rises. He plays a very powerful character from the Marvel comics- Gorr the god butcher who will pose a serious threat to Thor and the new ruler of Asgard-Valkyrie.

Thor: Love and Thunder releases worldwide on July 8th, 2022, and is directed by Thor Ragnarok director Taika Watiti and the music is scored by The Batman music director Michael Giacchino.

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