BIGHIT MUSIC Announces TXT World Tour 2022 ‘ACT: LOVESICK’, Check Out Details Inside

BIGHIT MUSIC took to Twitter to announce the TXT World Tour ahead of their comeback. TXT is preparing for its comeback with Minisode: Thursday’s Child on May 6th 2022. They have already released mood teasers and concept pictures for the same. As fans have been waiting eagerly for the comeback, they are surprised by the surprise world tour announcement.

The TXT world tour will begin in Seoul, South Korea on 2nd July 2022 and TXT will perform for 2 days in the city. The tour will continue in the USA starting from Chicago on 7th July and ending in Los Angeles on 23rd July. TXT will stop in other US cities like New York, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and San Fransisco along the way. This will be TXT’s second tour of the USA after 2019’s ‘SHOWCASE: STAR in US’. However, the dates for other countries haven’t been announced yet and we can expect them to be dropped soon.

TXT World Tour

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Check Out Fan Reactions on TXT World Tour

A fan wrote on Twitter to share their excitement over the boy band member’s stage presence and activities. They wrote, “txt world tour means moas barking to cat & dog, yeonjun dad jokes, soobin and beomgyu not censoring the word “f**king” for loser=lover, huening kai aegyos and loud laughter, sassy kang taehyun, beomgyu screams, and a lot more.”

Another fan worried about getting the tickets while writing, MOAs remember when tickets sold out in just 5 minutes #TXT_WORLD_TOUR#TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER@TXT_bighit@BIGHIT_MUSIC

Fans are happy about TXT World Tour after two years. Some user wrote- “TXT WORLD TOUR IS FINALLY HAPPENING, AFTER 2 YEARS IM CRYING IM SO HAPPY FOR THEM.”, “this is txt’s first proper tour and now they have a “TOUR” page on their website im so happy for them TXT WORLD TOUR#ACT_LOVE_SICK”

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