Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 7 Recap: Why is Everyone Against Kim Tae-ri?!

Twenty-Five Twenty-One (스물다섯 스물하나) is a Korean drama TV series directed by Jung Ji-hyun and starring Kim Tae-ri, Nam Joo-hyuk, Bona and Lee Joo-myung, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes. Twenty Five Twenty One episode 7 has a runtime of 72 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:

In a time when dreams seem out of reach, a teen fencer pursues big ambitions and meets a hardworking young man who seeks to rebuild his life.

– Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 7 recap contains major spoilers –

Twenty Five Twenty One episode 7 starts with Min-chae and Hee-do sharing a mother-daughter moment together. Hee-do uses her experience to let her daughter know that people don’t improve exponentially forever. When she asks her how she knows so much, she tells her that her father taught her. The throwback to Hee-do’s childhood essentially tells us how she started fencing and why going to the Asian Games was her dream.

twenty five twenty one episode 7

As Hee-do goes up against Yu-rim in 1999, she remembers her father’s words of encouragement and the steps that she had to get to where she is right now. People’s dissuasion, her own inability to improve and everything that she had to fight against both internally and externally to get to where she is. The match cuts with scenes of her past which give us a glimpse into her life and her motivations. It’s both thrilling as well as emotional and is excellently done.

At the last moment, just as Yu-rim is about to win, Hee-do takes a minute to remember the good in her life – all the people who had faith in her and remembers why she finds fencing to be so much fun. So, just before losing everything, Hee-do starts fighting with renewed enthusiasm. But when Hee-do wins, though, against all odds, feels natural for her – she deserved this win. However, Yu-rim isn’t having it and tries to appeal to the referee that she was faster, to no avail.

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twenty five twenty one episode 7
Still From Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 7

Everyone really starts going against Hee-do, for some reason, however. No one can really make out who was faster and everyone at the press conference starts haggling Hee-do asking whether she threw the match or knew the referee. The poor girl’s taken aback and all of the excitement that she felt till now disappears in an instant. It results in Hee-do keeping her medal on the table and leaving and then Yu-rim fighting with her and telling her that she stole her medal.

It’s a shitty situation all around. Hee-do is heartbroken and so is Yi-jin. People are constantly criticising Hee-do’s every move and it has an adverse effect on her. While Yu-rim goes home with her fellow athletes, Hee-do tries to walk home but, of course, that doesn’t happen and she ends up walking with Yi-jin after fighting with him too. However, it is Yi-jin who helps her get somewhat over her heartbreak and tells her to stay out of trouble. He then tries to help Hee-do in his own way.

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twenty five twenty one episode 7
Still From Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 7

Meanwhile, Hee-do and Yu-rim and reprimanded by their coach and sent on their way home. While Yu-rim gets picked up by her father, Hee-do, unfortunately, must go home alone and face the weight of what happened at the Asian Games. It’s heartbreaking to watch this girl not be comforted by anyone for what she is going through, more so when she stands there remembering her father on the train.

Meanwhile, Yi-jin follows the referee around and convinces him to se the record straight since it’s not fair that people are saying things about him and Hee-do which are untrue. Smith agrees to the interview and Hee-do receives some comfort from the most unexpected places making her sob uncontrollably. Instead of going home after that, Hee-do decides to go their secret room at school and get locked in by the security guard. Yi-jin and her friends rush to save her but are shocked when they hear Yi-jin’s voice on a tape professing his love for Da-eun.

Final Thoughts: Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 7

twenty five twenty one episode 7
Still From Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 7

Oh what a heartbreaking episode! I cried during quite a few scenes – I can’t remember the last time I felt so bad for a character in any TV show but this one definitely tops the list. I loved the episode; it has everything that one can want to remain glued to the screen and then some more. It’s entertaining, it’s very emotional but it’s equally hopeful in many ways. Things can go to shit even during the best moments of your life but there’s always a way to get out of them – just keep your loved ones close and it will all work out.

One thing, though, I really am starting to dislike Yu-rim’s character. Sure, she is poor and has worked very hard. But it’s not like Hee-do hasn’t struggled. They have all struggled in their own way. I mean, imagine not having anyone to pick you up and comfort you during the worst moments of your life – it’s devastating. Of course, you can’t expect someone who has lost to understand another person’s pain. But her character feels really mean-spirited to me. Of course, there are still many episodes to go through to change my mind. Either way, this series has me hooked and I can’t wait for the next episode.

Also, who is Da-eun?!

Twenty-Five Twenty-One is streaming on Netflix.

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Twenty Five Twenty One episode 7 is my favourite one to date since it balances different aspects of this show masterfully.


  1. I have been hooked to this series 25- 21 and am eagerly waiting for episode 8 to unfold. All the characters are super duper and flawless. A range of emotions run through me while watching every episode, wanting to watch and re watch again and again. The song ,you are my starlight is also very soothing and catchy.

  2. I truly love this drama and I am so hooked with every details of it. There are lots of lessons that you can get from it. And hey, it really touches my heart having dream come true and shattered in an instance and you feel everyone is all against you. This is craving me more scenarios in the coming episodes.

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Twenty Five Twenty One episode 7 is my favourite one to date since it balances different aspects of this show masterfully.Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 7 Recap: Why is Everyone Against Kim Tae-ri?!