Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 14 Recap: A Tearful Goodbye for Bona

Twenty-Five Twenty-One (스물다섯 스물하나) is a Korean drama TV series directed by Jung Ji-hyun and starring Kim Tae-ri, Nam Joo-hyuk, Bona and Lee Joo-myung, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes. Twenty Five Twenty One episode 14 has a runtime of 77 minutes.

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– Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 14 recap contains major spoilers –

Twenty Five Twenty One episode 14 starts with Min-chae losing her mind wondering where her mother’s next diary is since, well, like us, she’s also desperate to learn what happened next between Hee-do and Yi-jin. Did they date? Did they get involved in any scandal? When she doesn’t find the diary, she searches their names to find a video from 2009 where Yi-jin is talking about Hee-do’s gold medal win.

The two speak to each other over video conferencing and we get a glimpse back to Madrid’s match when Hee-do went up against Yu-rim and won gold. However, Yu-rim is being called Julia Ko and seems to be playing for Russia. We don’t get context about this as of yet, and so it is bizarre to watch this match unfold. We do know that Hee-do won, but… what’s going on?

Jumping back to 2000, things are still the usual – Yu-rim, Ji-woong and Seung-wan are joined by the new couple on the block, Hee-do and Yi-jin, much to everyone’s surprise, obviously. They all start playing drinking games in the bar, at the end of which Yi-jin always gets the slap on the back. This friendship is so precious na di love watching these kids having fun together. It also makes me extremely scared to think that their relationship might break in the future. A possibility that I am not ready to accept.

twenty five twenty one episode 14
Still From Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 14

The pandemonium at Yi-jin’s place, however, is just such a great watch.

The morning after, as Ji-woong and Yu-rim are on their way home, her father is involved in a horrible accident. Thankfully, he is unharmed but the other person is gravely hurt. Her parents scramble to get some money together, but the severity of their situation is such that it is almost an impossibility. This results in Yu-rim making a tough decision.

The next morning, she goes to Chan-mi and tells her that she won’t be able to join the team the latter introduced her to since she needs a lot of money. A heartbroken Yu-rim goes for comfort from Hee-do and the latter immediately hugs her upon learning of her woes. Meanwhile, Yi-jin finds out that Yu-rim has decided to join Russia and is as perplexed as everyone else. Hee-do, however, is concerned for her friend’s safety and respect.

As everyone gets to know of Yu-rim’s decision one by one, everyone is concerned and having a hard time accepting her decision. She’s pretty calm regarding her decision in front of her parents and tells them that she can change her nationality a hundred times to protect her family. She asks them to respect her decision since she’s not going to change it and joining Russia will be an easy way to end their woes.

As things progress regarding her transfer, Yi-jin tries to grow a thicker skin to report everything he knows and hurt those closest to him in the process. The friends throw Yu-rim a farewell party which is a bittersweet affair, with the four of them having not only prepared a hearty meal, but an equally sweet and thoughtful gift. Yu-rim’s tears can bring anyone to tears as well, it’s just so heartbreaking. That night, however, Yi-jin’s story, too, goes on-air and, again, it’s pandemonium.

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twenty five twenty one episode 14
Still From Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 14

As the calls start going around, the four friends are taken aback and Hee-do is disappointed in her boyfriend. Although she can’t get ahold of him at his place, she does find him sitting somewhere down the road and asks him why he’d do something like this to Yu-rim. Yi-jin asks her whether she’d be able to keep dating him. Who knows – he might have to exploit her misfortune someday. Hee-do storms off at the comment, but Yi-jin wonders whether it might just happen in the future.

Meanwhile, Yu-rim and Ji-woong are out on her last stroll in Korea. She asks him to not make false promises or hold himself back from dating. When Ji-woong tells her that he has started saving up money to go meet her three or four times a year. However, Yu-rim tells him that he must live for himself and that she can’t take such a weight on her shoulders. And that, she doesn’t want him to be in pain.

The next day, Yu-rim takes her stuff out of the lockers and looks back at the memories she created in the gym for the last time. However, her nostalgia trip is short-lived after reporters start to flock outside the gym to get the first piece of information. As she sits there wondering what to do, Hee-do comes to her rescue. They concoct a clever plan and escape from the vulture’s clutches and end up taking pictures in an instant photo booth.

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twenty five twenty one episode 14
Still From Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 14

As the friends spend their last night together having dinner and hot chocolate, it’s heartbreaking watching Hee-do and Yu-rim cry for each other, especially when the latter laments that she wants to be in the national team with her friend. The next morning at the airport, in Twenty Five Twenty One episode 14, Yu-rim bids farewell to her friends and family.

Ji-woong isn’t there because he’s hard at work at his part-time job. Shockingly, he didn’t even know that she was leaving and rushes to meet his girlfriend. As he finally catches up to her, he tells her that he won’t date anyone, and neither should she. And that he is going to date her, even if it means only receiving misery – as long as they are together in it. Just as Yu-rim is about to leave, Ji-woong kisses her, melting our hearts in the process.

Yi-jin, meanwhile, is riddled with guilt due to his decision. It seems like he hasn’t met any of his friends for some time and it doesn’t help that wherever he goes, people are just insulting Yu-rim, thanks to him. As he breaks down crying in the middle of the road, he comes across Hee-do.

And we go back to 2009 at the news studio, where the two of them pledge their unwavering support for each other on national TV.

Final Thoughts: Twenty Five Twenty One episode 14

twenty five twenty one episode 14
Still From Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 14

Twenty Five Twenty One is a good show because although you want to watch Hee-do and Yi-jin have their happily ever after, you are equally content watching friends interact with each other and live their lives. Even without the romance, friendships are just so important and wholesome that you cannot stop being invested. In this episode, Yi-jin was absent for a better part of the episode. It was mostly around Yu-rim and her leaving Korea to join Russia. Even then, I was continuously heartbroken, happy and myriad other feelings mixed into one. It doesn’t always need to be the romance, as long as all the characters are well-rounded. That’s exactly the case with Twenty Five Twenty One.

This episode is so bittersweet. On one hand, you are glad that Yu-rim will finally be able to take care of her family. On the other, she’s leaving. The friendship that she shared with her group will now remain empty. Although the memories will be there, her physical presence will now be missed in future episodes. With two episodes left, I wonder how they will finish the show, considering I still have a thousand other questions that I need answering.  

Twenty-Five Twenty-One is streaming on Netflix.

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Twenty Five Twenty One episode 14 is extremely bittersweet as we bid adieu to a key character, one who is very close to our hearts.

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Twenty Five Twenty One episode 14 is extremely bittersweet as we bid adieu to a key character, one who is very close to our hearts.Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 14 Recap: A Tearful Goodbye for Bona