Turner and Hooch Episode 9 Recap: Witness Pup-tection

Turner and Hooch Episode 9 is titled Witness Pup-tection. The 45 minutes episode stars Josh Peck, Josh Peck, Carra Patterson, Lyndsy Fonseca, Vanessa Lengies, Brandon Jay McLaren, and Anthony Ruivivar. The synopsis reads – “To stop a deadly assassin, Scott and Hooch must bond with a young witness with autism”.

Turner and Hooch Episode 9 Recap for Witness Pup-tection Contains Spoilers

Scott and Erica train Hooch to attack a man and stop using the phrases ‘Packen’ and ‘Pack’. But instead of attacking, Hooch cuddles with the man. After the training, Scott visits his sister Laura who has created a detective board using the suspects present in their father’s files and documents. The siblings find out that their dad would check car numberplates every Wednesday, also called ‘Grandpa Fun Day’. Laura decides to find out what her son Jack and Scott Sr would do on Grandpa Fun Day on Wednesdays to help her find more clues.

At work, the Us Marshal’s are informed that an unknown person attacked a witness named Roland Byer. Xavier and Trent were stationed at hospital duty to protect Byer. Scott is assigned the duty of protecting the witness who saw the suspect attacking Roland. The witness is an autistic kid named Anthony who lives with his mother. Hooch and Anthony form an immediate connection, but Scott fails to win Anthony’s trust.

In Turner and Hooch Episode 9, Laura asks Jack about his Grandpa Fun Day activities with Scott Turner Sr. She tells her son that even they should do it once. Jack informs his mother that he and Scott Turner Sr would dig worms and use them as bait to catch fish and later enjoy ice cream together. Laura does everything her son informs but still fails to understand what her father was really investigating. She discusses the same with her father’s former work partner, aka Mayor Sutton.

On the other hand, Scott brings in Erica to help build a connection with Anthony as her brother Curtis is autistic, and she can help him better. Erica tells Scott they should act like a dog to make Anthony comfortable, just like Hooch did. It almost worked, but Anthony still doesn’t share anything about the suspect. Amid all this, Scott and Laura share some adorable moments while Brooke doesn’t respond well to Scott’s text.

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Despite two police officers keeping an eye outside Anthony’s house via CCTV cameras, the suspect manages to enter the house. But Scott saves Erica and the kid from getting attacked. US Marshal Chief James Mendez decides to shift the mother-son duo to a safe space to save their lives. But Erica gets an idea that they can take Hooch’s help to find out what Anthony knows. When Scott asks Hooch to draw the suspect’s pic, Anthony helps Hooch and ends up giving a rough image of how the murderer looked.

In the picture, Anthony revealed that the man has green eyes. At the same time, Mendez gets a call from Jessica, who informs him that the man they’re looking for has green eyes.

Turner and Hooch Episode 9 Still 1
Turner and Hooch Episode 9 Still

James Mendez immediately informs the US Marshals at the hospital about the suspect’s description. Xavier gets alert and realises one of the ward boys have green eyes. When he runs to catch him, the man starts shooting with his gun. Thankfully, Scott, Hooch and Mendez arrive on time to help Xavier and Trent. When the suspect attempts to shoot Mendez from behind, Hooch runs towards him and attacks just the way Erica and Scott wanted in the beginning. The man is arrested, and Mendez finally calls Hooch a good boy.

Turner and Hooch Episode 9 have a heartwarming ending. Erica and Curtis gift Anthony, an adorable little puppy. Scott is smitten by Erica and Curtis’ kind gesture. On the other hand, with Jack’s help, Laura finds out that the ice cream truck vendor knows Scott Turner Sr, and he might help her figure out what her dad was working on.

Turner and Hooch Episode 9 Recap: Final Thoughts

Today’s episode was lovely, emotional and funny. The bond between Scott and Hooch is growing, and Scott and Erica are also making progress. Despite not having any formal training, Laura is doing an amazing job with her father’s investigation. The last ending was truly touching.

Turner and Hooch Episode 9 is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Turner and Hooch Episode 9 Recap: Titled 'Witness Pup-tection', Scott, Hooch and Erica have to protect a murder witness who is an autistic kid.

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Turner and Hooch Episode 9 Recap: Witness Pup-tectionTurner and Hooch Episode 9 Recap: Titled 'Witness Pup-tection', Scott, Hooch and Erica have to protect a murder witness who is an autistic kid.