Turner and Hooch Episode 8 Recap: Arf Appreciation

Turner and Hooch Episode 8 ‘Arf Appreciation’ is now out on Disney Plus. The 49 minutes episode stars Josh Peck, Carra Patterson, Lyndsy Fonseca, Vanessa Lengies, Brandon Jay McLaren, Anthony Ruivivar, Paul Campbell.

The synopsis for Arf Appreciation reads – Scott must prove his dog’s innocence when Hooch is accused of damaging a valuable painting.

Turner and Hooch Episode 8 Recap Contains Mild Spoilers

After Grady stops Scott at the basement, he questions him why he’s here. Grady says that he has trespassed the basement that belongs to a man named Walton. Walton knows Scott’s father and doesn’t press any charges against the US Marshal. Scott informs him that he entered the basement as Hooch ran inside and started behaving weirdly.

At work, Scott and Xavier work on a case for a client whose valuable assets (paintings, artefacts) have gone missing. With the help of Hooch, the US Marshals manage to get hold of one robber. But they still have to find the main guy who’s stealing the valuables. Amid all this, Hooch gets out of control and gets accused of damaging one of the costly paintings. Scott realises he can’t control Hooch and seeks help from Erica.

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Turner and Hooch Episode 8 Recap: Arf Appreciation 3

Erica refuses to help Scott in Turner and Hooch Episode 8. As advised by Jessica, Erica keeps herself busy and suggests Scott speak to her colleague for Hooch’s training. Unfortunately, Guy doesn’t really help Scott find out what’s happening to the dog.

After Hooch gets accused of damaging and eating a part of the painting, an officer visits the office to examine the K-9 dog. She asks Jessica Trent, Xavier, James and several others about Hooch’s behaviour. Scott talks to Jessica about how there are chances that he and Hooch might land in trouble. He shares how Erica isn’t helping him either. That’s when Jessica tells Scott that she told Erica not to help him as he’s taking her friendship for granted. Scott realises his mistake and decides to talk to Erica.

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After Scott apologises to Erica for taking her for granted and missing out on dog training sessions, she agrees to help him. With her help, Scott finds proof that it was not Hooch who damaged the painting. In the end, it turns out one of the staff who handles all these valuables have been stealing them. Yet again, Hooch and Scott together save the day and themselves.

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At the end of the episode, Scott and Laura visit Walton to apologise to him. When they reach his basement, Hooch starts barking loudly, which scares him off. He tells the Turner siblings that they should meet him later. Laura and Scott suspect that if Walton was their dad’s friend, why would Hooch bark at him. They realise that Hooch hates Walton and decide to dig it deeper.

Turner and Hooch Episode 8 Recap: Final Thoughts

Today’s episode was the best one so far. Scott said I love you to Hooch, and apologised to Erica. The Turner siblings are getting closer to finding out the truth about their father’s death. Let’s hope the next episode focuses more on Walton’s background and why Hooch hates him.

Turner and Hooch Episode 8 is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Turner and Hooch Episode 8 Recap: Titled 'Arf Appreciation' Hooch and Turner have a hard time while trying to solve a case and proving their loyalty.

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