Turner and Hooch Episode 7 Recap: To Serve and Pawtect

Turner and Hooch Episode 7 called ‘To Serve and Pawtect’ is now out on Disney+. The 48-minute episode features Josh Peck, Carra Patterson, Lyndsy Fonseca, Vanessa Lengies, Brandon Jay McLaren, Reginald VelJohnson, Becca Tobin, and Paul Campbell.

The synopsis for To Serve and Pawtect reads – Scott works security for a beloved Senator, while Hooch becomes a viral sensation.

Turner and Hooch Episode 7 Recap Contains Spoilers

Turner & Hooch Episode 7 ‘To Serve and Pawtect’ starts with Scott and Brooke having a good time at the Guacamole festival with Laura, Grady and their son Matthew. Brooke gives a high-profile case to protect a Senator with her father’s help. The US Marshal makes himself the deputy-in-charge at the office and gets ready to solve the case and protect the senator from the potential threat.

Scott asks Xavier and others to be a part of his operation team, but they all refuse as they’re upset how he made himself the DIC and took the case. Jessica helps Scott by telling some court duty US Marshals to be a part of his team. When Scott and Hooch are at a rally for the Senator, he starts howling loudly. The people are distracted by the main event, and they all record Hooch, thus making him an internet sensation.

On the other hand, Laura is trying to find clues about her father’s case in Turner and Hooch Episode 7. She tries to get her hands on some records, but Grady tells her to not get into it as he’s worried for her life. Meanwhile, Jessica tells Erica not to confess her feelings to Scott and refuse to provide any help at least once. When Scott goes to Erica to discuss Hooch’s howling issue, she refuses to provide any help. The same night, Hooch starts howling again when he visits the Senator’s house with Scott. That’s when Scott sees a man outside the house, but the person flees away with a car.

On the next day, there’s another public event where people gather to meet the internet sensation Hooch. But everyone calls him ‘Pooch’. At the event, Scott sees a suspicious-looking man and arrests him. Everyone thinks that Scott has solved the case, but Xavier believes that it’s not solved yet. Turns out he is right as the man Scott arrested didn’t possess any threat to the Senator.

Scott visits Erica again, where he discusses Scott’s howling issues. Erica tells him to understand Hooch’s feelings, but Scott tells him he doesn’t care about it. This upsets Erica, who bursts emotionally out talking about feelings. That’s when Scott realises that he is not happy being the deputy-in-charge as he is not ready yet. He thanks Erica and apologises to Xavier. Together, they visit the Senator’s house, where Hooch starts howling again.

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Xavier and Scott confront Senator’s guard as in the CCTV footage, they found that it was him who was outside the Senator’s house last night. The Senator tells her guard that they should tell the US Marshals all the truth. All this is happening while Hooch is still howling, and suddenly, the Senator collapses. Xavier tells Scott and the guard that dogs howl when they sense someone is in trouble, and that’s why Hooch used to howl every time he was near the Senator. Somehow, they saved the Senator’s life.

Turner and Hooch Episode 7 ends with Scott and Brooke enjoying dinner where she’s praising her boyfriend. Brooke tells Scott that she is leaving the next day for a case and will be away for two months. Scott is taken aback to hear the news but doesn’t say anything. Laura calls Scott and tells him about a place that has something to do with their father. For the first time, Scott doesn’t give excuses and heads out with Hooch. Grady is present at the warehouse who tells Scott that he has put himself in trouble.

Turner and Hooch Episode 7 Recap: Last Thoughts

Today’s episode showed us that Scott needs a lot of growth as a person. I have started liking Xavier more despite him not getting much to talk. Hooch and Erica deserve better friends. It would be interesting to see how Scott behaves now that Brooke will be away again for some time.

Turner and Hooch Episode 7 is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Turner and Hooch Episode 7 Recap: Titled 'To Serve and Pawtect' Scott becomes the deputy-in-charge and Hooch cannot stop howling for some reason.

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