Turner and Hooch Episode 6 Recap: The Fur-gitive

Turner and Hooch Episode 6, called The Fur-gitive, is now out on Disney Plus. The 48 minutes episode stars Josh Peck, Carra Patterson, Lyndsy Fonseca, Vanessa Lengies, Brandon Jay McLaren, Anthony Ruivivar, Sheila Kelley, Reginal VelJohnson, Matt Hamilton, Becca Tobin and Paul Campbell.

The synopsis for The Fur-gitive reads – Scott hunts for a dangerous fugitive in the woods; Hooch discovers the suspect has a secret.

Turner & Hooch Episode 6 Recap Contains Spoilers

Turner and Hooch Episode 6 The Fur-gitive begins with Brooke spending time with Scott, his mom and sister Laura. Laura’s ex-husband Grady and son Matthew join them and bring some Guacamole shake to drink. Scott and Laura run inside the kitchen as they’re about to throw up due to the drink. Grady follows them and tells Laura that Mayor David Sutton, their late father’s friend, also came asking for the same files she earlier asked. He tells Laura not to tell anyone about this as he’s been threatened with his job.

Laura and Scott start doubting Mayor Sutton and decide to find out his intentions. Brooke tells Scott that she wants him to meet her parents at a party. She also tells him to learn ballroom dancing to impress her parents. The US Marshals are informed that they have to catch a fugitive named William Jackson at the office. Jackson is on the run since he assaulted his landlord. Trent, who now calls himself Bull Dog, will be leading the team with his T-Squad, Scott, Xavier and Hooch. During the briefing, Xavier and Trent get into an argument which pisses off the latter.

In the next scene of Turner and Hooch Episode 6, the US Marshals head out in the forest to catch William Jackson. Trent purposely gives Xavier lame work with the kids. Trent, Scott, Hooch and others head inside the forest to search for the fugitive. There are booby traps set inside the forest, and thanks to Hooch, not everyone gets trapped in them. Trent decides that they will search for William Jackson later in the night. Scott calls Erica and discusses how focused Hooch is when it comes to sensing in the wind or surface. Erica tells him that maybe the dog’s good.

Later in Turner and Hooch Episode 6, Laura takes Scott to Mayor Sutton’s office. She tells her brother that they have to sneak into his office to find proof. Scott refuses to join as it’s illegal, but Laura doesn’t pay heed to him and goes alone. When Laura enters the office, Mayor’s secretary is still working. Thankfully, Scott follows Laura, and the secretary starts playing with Hooch. Laura enters the Mayor’s cabin and clicks a picture of a page with some clues about her father. Later, she tries to tell Scott about it, but he doesn’t listen to her as he’s not happy with how she entered someone’s cabin illegally.

The US Marshals again go to the forest to find William Jackson at night. Trent again gives a silly job to Xavier to keep him away from the search operation. Again there’s a booby trap set, and Trent is the one trapped once more. Hooch finds a dog toy that concerns Scott. He goes to Erica to discuss the dog toy Hooch found in the forest. Erica tells Scott that it’s a military dog toy, and they come to a temporary conclusion that William Jackson has a dog along with him. Erica also teaches ballroom dancing to Scott for his big night with Brooke. During the dance, Scott kind of senses there’s some spark between him and Erica.

Scott gets a call from sister Laura who tells him that David Sutton wants to have dinner with their mom. Laura tells her mom that she would like to be a part of the dinner. On the other hand, Xavier and Scott confront the landlord for not mentioning William’s dog. Together, they decide to find William Jackson by themselves. Xavier leaves a message on Trent’s phone about the same and tells Scott not to worry about Trent’s interference as he never calls him back. When the duo finds out William, it turns out the fugitive’s dog is sick, and that’s why he’s been running.

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During the confrontation, Trent and other US Marshal arrive at the scene. William runs inside the house with his dog. Scott follows him unarmed along with Hooch. He convinces William they’ll take care of his dog, but he has to surrender himself. William gets arrested, and Scott takes his dog to Erica’s facility to be looked after. At the office, US Marshal Chief James Mendez is unhappy with Trent for not showing teamwork and giving lame tasks to Xavier. Finally, Trent doesn’t get to take away the credit for Scott, Xavier and Hooch’s work.

Meanwhile in Turner and Hooch Episode 6, after dinner, David heads into the basement and starts looking at Scott Sr’s boxes. Laura confronts him and asks him what he’s hiding. David informs Laura that Scott Sr had called him before his death to give some information about a case. But before the two could meet, Scott Sr died. The Mayor tells Laura that he’s trying to find out what big case his friend and her father was working on. Together, they decide to find the truth.

Turner and Hooch Episode 6 Recap: Still 1
Turner and Hooch Episode 6 Still

Scott finally meets Brooke’s parents, and they have a wonderful dance together. However, Turner and Hooch Episode 6 ends with confusion on Scott’s face. It seems he realises that maybe Erica is the one for him.

Turner and Hooch Episode 6 Recap: Last Word

Today’s episode pushed the narrative forward and in a good way. There were dogs, dance, a bit of romance, suspense and entertainment.

Turner and Hooch Episode 6 is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Turner and Hooch Episode 6 Recap: Titled 'The Fur-gitive', Scott and Hooch have to catch a fugitive. The US Marshal also has to learn ballroom dancing for Brooke's parents.

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