Turner and Hooch Episode 5 Recap: Road to Smell Dorado

Turner and Hooch Episode 5, called ‘Road to Smell Dorado’, is now out on Disney Plus. Directed by Robert Duncan McNeill, Juliet Seniff wrote the 47 minutes episode. The episode features Josh Peck, Lyndsy Fonseca, Carra Patterson, Vanessa Lengies, Brandon Jay McLaren, Becca Tobin and Cristina Rosato.

The synopsis for Road to Smell Dorado reads – Scott, Hooch and Xavier get stuck searching for a fugitive in the quirky small town of El Dorado.

– Turner and Hooch Episode 5 Recap Contains Spoilers –

Turner and Hooch Episode 5 Road To Smell Dorado begins with Laura spying on John Gillan outside his house. Laura calls Scott and Hooch and tells him that she found Josh’s name in the old records of their dad, which her ex-husband gave her. Together, they decide to enter the house, but no one opens the door. Suddenly, the fire alarm starts, and Scott enters to see what happened. There’s a small fire in the kitchen but no one inside the house. They both get suspicious about the entire situation.

At the station, Scott asks Brooke out on a date at a French restaurant. Scott cancels his plans to meet Erica for the dog training day. However, Xavier tells him they have to head to a small town called El Dorado to catch a fugitive named Leigh Anderson. While Scott is worried about his date night, Xavier reveals that he’s engaged. At El Dorado, Leigh manages to flee and bursts the tires of Xavier and Scott’s car.

Xavier, Scott and Hooch enter Leight’s house to find any clues. Thanks to Hooch, the US Marshals find lots of money stashed inside the fugitive’s house. Funnily, Hooch takes one of the money bundles outside, and a skunk farts on his face. It leaves a bad odour on Hooch, and the dog also starts acting strangely. Everyone advises Scott to give Hooch a tomato juice bath.

Xavier and Scott visit a cafe and gallery to find information about Leigh Anderson. Scott realises that he won’t make it to the date and calls Brooke to inform the same. To his shock, Brooke forgets that they had dinner plans for the night. We also meet Xavier’s fiance Olivia (Cristina Rosato), as the US Marshal finds the perfect venue for their wedding.

Simultaneously in Hooch and Turner Episode 5, Laura meets one of her schoolmates, Natalie, who works as a receptionist for John Gillan. Turns out Laura’s friends were mean to Natalie, but they sort out their differences and have fun together. Natalie decides to help Laura meet John and seek answers.

Turner and Hooch Episode 5 Still 1
Turner and Hooch Episode 5 Recap: Episode still

When Scott, Xavier and Hooch visit the cafe again, Turner Jr finds a 20 dollar smells like the one they saw at Leigh’s house. That’s when he gets an idea that maybe Hooch is behaving weird not because of the Skunk smell but the money used in El Dorado. He calls Erica to talk about this theory which tells him that if the person has used counterfeit, then it’s possible.

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After much trouble, Hooch, Scott, Xavier and his fiance Olivia capture Leigh. Later, Scott and Laura meet Josh Gillan, who tells the duo that he’s not the one his father was behind. John tells the siblings that their father was looking to capture some bigger fish. Laura is having dinner with Jessica and her husband, Darius. The couple tells Erica that she should ask out Scott on a date or visit his house with flowers. Brooke visits Scott’s house, and together, they give Hooch a good bubble bath. The episode ends with Scott-Brooke having a fun time with Hooch while Erica’s call to him goes unanswered.

Turner and Hooch Episode 5 Still 2
Turner and Hooch Episode 5: Road to Smell Dorado still

Turner and Hooch Episode 5 Recap: Last Word

Today’s episode was just okay. Everything in the series is running very slow. Let the love triangle pick up the pace if the makers aren’t willing to reveal Turner Jr’s death mystery soon. It’s getting repetitive to see Erica fawning over Scott and him being completely oblivious to it.

Turner and Hooch Episode 5 is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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