Turner and Hooch Episode 2 Recap: A Good Day to Dog Hard

Turner and Hooch Episode 2, called A Good Day to Dog Hard, is now out on Diseny+. The series stars Josh Peck, Lyndsy Fonseca, Carra Patterson, Vanessa Lengies, Brandon Jay McLaren, Matt Hamilton and Anthony Ruivivar. The duration of today’s episode is 45 minutes.

The description of Episode 2 A Good Day to Dog Hard reads – Scott and Hooch babysit a diplomat’s daughter and wind up saving the Olympic Committee.

– Turner and Hooch Episode 2 Recap contains spoilers –

Scott Turner Jr. begins the episode still adjusting to life with his late father’s dog, Hooch. Hooch is a lively dog who enjoys messing up Scott’s home. Senior Deputy Marshal Trent informs the squad that they will be performing an important task at the station’s luxury hotel. A diplomat from the Olympic Committee will arrive with his daughter to make a peace proposal, but there’s also a threat to his life.

Trent separates his Marshal officers into two groups: A and B. Team B consists of Scott, Jessia, and Xavier, who must remain in the hotel and keep an eye on anything odd. On the other hand, Hooch makes a mess by jumping into the hotel fountain, giving Scott a hard time. Near the fountain, the diplomat and his daughter are also there. The diplomat is not pleased with the mess, but his daughter likes Hooch.

Scott adopts Hooch Erica and claims that he is having difficulty teaching the dog. She informs him that the stress of performing well at work is affecting the dog. She informs Scott that he needs to enjoy himself at work and in general, and Hooch will do the same. Scott is afraid that his supervisor will fire him because of the messes his dog has made. However, he is assigned an ‘essential’ mission: to babysit the diplomat’s daughter in one of the hotel rooms with Hooch.

The fun part in Turner and Hooch Episode 2 now begins. Scott is forced to attend the diplomat’s daughter’s fake tea party and eat cupcakes. His only respite comes when his sister Laura calls and talks to him about their father’s case files for a few minutes. Scott dismisses the subject, claiming that it is unimportant. The girl then joins Turner and Hooch in playing ‘Kissy Face.’ Whenever she says Kissy Face, the dog jumps on Scott and starts licking his face.

Scott is unhappy with his babysitting job and calls Jessica to complain. He inquires whether she and Xavier require any assistance downstairs. They both tease him and assure him that they are fine. They suddenly lose their network connection, which Jessica suspects because Xavier’s phone is also without service. That’s when they spot a group of men entering the hotel, holding a large box. But, before they can take any action, their boss comes up behind them and points a gun at them. These thugs kidnap everyone, including the diplomat.

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Scott, the girl, and Hooch are the only ones who are safe from these men. Scott notices one of the hotel’s armed Russian guards from his window. He tells the diplomat’s daughter that they must go to the terrace and play where she has to hide. The girl informs Scott that her father has warned her about such issues, and she intends to hide until the threat is gone. The leader of these goons dispatches three men to capture the girl, completely unaware of Scott Turner & Hooch’s presence.

In Turner and Hooch Episode 2, A Good Day to Dog Hard, we see some action scenes between Scott, Hooch and these Russian men. When the boss leaves to find the girl after receiving no reaction from his men, Jessica and Xavier manage to save the people. When the boss goes to the terrace, Scott arrives in time. They defeated the bad guy thanks to Hooch and his Kissy Face game.

Turner and Hooch Episode 2 Recap: Still 1
Turner and Hooch Episode2 Recap: Still from the series

Scott’s boss and Trent thank the crew for saving the lives of these VIPs in the final 15 minutes of Turner and Hooch Episode 2. Scott and Erica plan to meet for dog training on Thursday. His nephew praises the dog at home for assisting them in apprehending the main bad guy. Scott and his sister Laura visit the Valley Road where their father (Tom Hanks) died of a heart attack. Hooch discovers Turner Sr’s old watch in the bushes. The siblings are again sceptical about their father’s death.

Turner and Hooch Episode 2 Recap: Last Word

The moments between Turner and Hooch in today’s show were particularly humorous and pleasant. The creators have kept the series lighthearted while attempting to solve the mystery behind Turner Sr’s death. They’ve started to pique our curiosity in Scott’s love tale by teasing us about Erica’s one-sided crush on him.

Turner and Hooch Episode 2 is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Turner and Hooch Episode 2 Recap: Scott & Turner are out to handle a new case. They're having a hard time with each other. Turner Jr finds a clue about his father's death.

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