Turner and Hooch Episode 12 Recap: Bite Club

Turner and Hooch Episode 12 ‘Bite Club’ is now out on Disney+. The last episode stars Josh Peck, Vanessa Lengies, Lyndsy Fonseca, Brandon Jay McLaren, and Jeremy Maguire. The last episode is of 45 minutes.

The synopsis reads – With Scott captured, his friends, family, co-workers and dog must save him and stop an awful crime.

Turner and Hooch Episode 12 Recap Contains Spoilers

In Turner and Hooch Episode 12, a man captures Scott and keeps him in a basement where Nuke, the dog, is also a captive. Jessica informs Laura and Xavier that Scott’s missing. X, Erica and Angel leave together to find him; Laura leaves with Hooch, and Grady asks people around if they’ve seen Scott.

In the man’s absence, Scott manages to rescue him and the dog. However, when they head out, the man returns and captures Scott again. Nuke manages to escape and run towards the street. Jessica helps Xavier with Scott’s last phone location coordinates, and he heads there with Erica. A freaked out Erica indirectly ends up talking about her feelings for Scott.

Grady finds Scott and informs Laura about the same on the call. Laura and Hooch meet him outside the same compound where Scott is captured. With Scott’s help, Laura tries to find the brother. When Hooch finds Scott’s socks, he runs very fast to find him. Laura and Grady fail to follow Hooch’s speed, so they wait outside. Xavier, Erica and Angel enter the compound and meet Grady and Laura, and they all search for Scott and Hooch.

On the call, Walton instructs the man to sedate Scott Turner. However, Hooch arrives there on time and saves Scott. Everyone unites and leave to stop Walton from conducting the dogfighting match. Their mission to stop Walton includes a lot of action and gunshots. However, Scott and Laura succeed in completing their late father’s mission, and no one gets harmed in the process.

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Turner and Hooch Episode 12 ends with Xavier and Olivia getting married with Ed Sheeran’s Thinking out Loud playing in the background. At the end, when Scott is about to ask Erica for a dance, Hooch jumps on the wedding cake. Scott slips on the floor while trying to stop his dog. However, he fails, and the last shot is of Hooch licking his best friend’s face.

Turner and Hooch Episode 12 Recap: Final Thoughts

The last episode of Turner and Hooch was packed with action, drama and emotional moments. Scenes between Scott and Hooch, Grady and Laura are amazing. However, we still didn’t get Erica and Scott’s love story. I know the show is about the dog, but I was also rooting for the duo. Anyway, the episode will leave a smile on your face. X and Olivia’s wedding was a sweet way to end the story.

Turner & Hooch Episode 12 is now streaming in Disney+.

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Turner and Hooch Episode 12 Recap: Titled 'Bite Club', Hooch saves Scott and together, they try to stop the dogfighting match.

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