Turner and Hooch Episode 11 Recap: Hooch Machina

Turner and Hooch Episode 11 ‘Hooch Machina’ is now out on Netflix. The series stars Josh Peck, Vanessa Lengies, Lyndsy Fonseca, Brandon Jay McLaren, and Jeremy Maguire.

The synopsis reads – Scott’s future with Hooch is threatened when an investigation of a robotics lab goes wrong.

Turner and Hooch Episode 11 Recap Contains Spoilers

In Turner and Hooch Episode 11 ‘Hooch Machina’, Scott tries to convince Marshal Chief James Mendez to investigate Walton. Mendez is not pleased with Scott’s theories and tells him that he’s too dependent on Hooch. Later, Scott and Xavier have to head to a lab as the FBI suspects a heist might take place there. Someone from inside the lab is suspected of conducting the heist, but no one is aware who it is.

Scott and X have to find out the culprit at the lab. Scott has to make sure nothing goes wrong, especially because of Hooch. Unfortunately, the dog creates a mess twice when the scientists in the lab switch on their drones. While Erica tries to make Scott understand what Hooch must be going through, the dog causes chaos even the second time.

Brooke tells Scott that he cannot carry Hooch everywhere, especially when his career is at stake. Scott Turner Jr decides to take a break from Hooch and tells his sister to look after him. Erica invites Scott to a party on the weekend she arranged for everyone who saved Angel. However, Brooke tells Scott that they have to meet the Congressmen on Saturday.

The next day, Laura calls Scott to tell how Hooch alerted Matthew of a storm and saved him. Suddenly, Scott realises that Hooch might’ve gotten into panic mode whenever the drones were switched on as he sensed some danger. When Scott and X inform the lab’s head scientist about it, the theory proves correct. Someone had tampered with the lab’s pressure system, which only Hooch could sense. They finally solved the big mystery behind the lab problem.

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Coming to Scott Turner Jr’s investigation in Turner and Hooch Episode 11, Laura finds out that Walton recently adopted a pitbull named Nuke. She suspects he adopted the dog for an illegal dogfighting match. Laura and Grady head to his warehouse to ask him about the dog, but fail to get anything out of him. At the end of the episode, Brooke and Scott are on their way to meet the Congressmen. Scott realises he doesn’t feel good with Hooch and decides to leave. Brooke tells him if he leaves her for the dog, it’s over between them.

Even after the ultimatum, Scott leaves and decides to get Hooch and attend Erica’s party. On his way, he notices fancy cars on the road, like described in his dad’s file, in front of him. Scott calls Jessica, who is at Erica’s party, to check the number plates. He follows the car to a remote location. When he enters the compound, there’s a dog held inside the cage. Just when he is about to make a call, a man holds him at gunpoint.

Turner and Hooch Episode 11 Recap: Final Thoughts

Today’s episode was packed with emotions and drama. The makers have got us excited for what’s coming next. Scott wanted to be without Hooch, and he’s finally found himself in that bad situation. Will Hooch save his best friend? I can’t wait to find out.

Turner & Hooch Episode 11 is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Turner and Hooch Episode 11 Recap: Titled 'Hooch Machina', Scott Turner's future with Hooch is threatened. Read to know what happened.

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