Turner and Hooch Episode 10 Recap: Lost and Hound

Turner and Hooch Episode 10 ‘Lost and Hound’ is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. The series stars Josh Peck, Josh Peck, Carra Patterson, Lyndsy Fonseca, Vanessa Lengies, Brandon Jay McLaren, and Anthony Ruivivar.

The synopsis reads – When Erica’s beloved dog Angel is taken, Scott, Xavier and Jessica must track her down.

Turner and Hooch Episode 10 Contains Mild Spoilers

In Turner and Hooch episode 10, ‘Lost and Hound’, Scott and Xavier have to take an arrested hacker across the town. Scott finds out that some issues are going on between Xavier and Olivia, but X refuses to share anything. On the other hand, someone steals Erica’s van with her dog Angel inside it, which freaks her out. Jessica calls Scott and Xavier for help, and the duo decides to help Erica with the hacker and Hooch accompanying them.

A man stole Erica’s van and sold the computers to a girl named Valery for illegal selling. Valery also takes Angel as she plans to sell the dog online. Erica is freaked out, and Xavier is drowning in sorrow, and Scott has to handle them with a hacker in his car. With Jessica’s help, Scott and Xavier find Valery’s location and get a warrant quickly. However, when the US Marshals reached her place, she had already fled with her partner. With the hacker’s help, Scott and Erica find out that Valery is hiding at a warehouse. They all head to the warehouse to catch them and rescue Angel.

With Hooch’s help, they almost find Angel, but Valery and her partner escape in their van again. The US Marshals, Hooch, Erica and the hacker get back in the car and follow the van. They can’t catch up to the van’s speed. Jessica tells Scott on the call that Olivia’s area of jurisdiction is in the same direction where the van is going. She tells them to seek help from Olivia.

Scott requests Xavier to call Olivia for help. On the call, Olivia and Xavier express what’s bothering them and sort their issues while she also manages to stop the van from moving ahead. When Valery and her partner try to hit their van on Olivia’s car, it catches fire due to the collision. Together, they get hold of the thieves while Scott rescues Angel from the van that’s on fire. Erica gets emotional as she reunites with Angel and thanks Scott for saving her dog’s life.

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Later on the call, Erica tells Scott how she’s doing everything to help Angel recover from everything that’s happening. As they talk, Brooke surprises Scott with a surprise visit to his place. Erica and Scott hang up the phone. Coming to Scott Turner Sr’s case, Laura finds out that her late father had once rescued a dog named Daisy. She finds a few clues that lead Scott and her to a man. When the Turner siblings visit the man, they find out that he’s taking care of Daisy, which was given to him by Turner Sr. The man tells the duo that Scott Turner Sr was trying to uncover an illegal dogfighting ring which Walton is apparently organising.

Turner and Hooch Episode 10 Recap: Final Thoughts

I love today’s episode from the start till the end. It’s good to see Hooch not doing a lot of work after a long time. Erica, Scott and Xavier made for a good team with the hacker as a hilarious addition. It was intriguing, pulsating and the Erica-Angel reunion was quite heartfelt.

Turner & Hooch Episode 10 is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Turner and Hooch Episode 10 Recap: Titled 'Lost and Hound' someone kidnaps Erica's dog, Angel. Scott and Laura get closer to their late father's case.

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Turner and Hooch Episode 10 Recap: Lost and HoundTurner and Hooch Episode 10 Recap: Titled 'Lost and Hound' someone kidnaps Erica's dog, Angel. Scott and Laura get closer to their late father's case.