Turner and Hooch Episode 1 Recap: Forever and a Dog

Tom Hanks’ 1989 film Turner & Hooch left a mark on everyone’s mind. For all the Hooch lovers, Matt Nix has created a sequel for the film as a Disney+ series – Turner and Hooch. Today, the makers released the first episode starring Josh Peck, Carra Patterson, Lyndsy Fonseca, Vanessa Lengeis and Anthony Ruivivar.

McG directed the first episode, written by Matt Nix. The first episode of Disney+ Turner and Hooch is Forever and a Dog. The plot reads – “When a US Marshal inherits an unruly dog, he finds his new pet is the key to his biggest case yet.”

– Turner and Hooch Episode 1 Recap for Forever and a Dog contains spoilers –

The Disney+ series focuses on Scott Turner’s (Tom Hanks) son Scott Turner Jr, played by Josh Peck. Turner and Hooch episode 1 starts with makers showing us how Scott is a neat freak just like his father. He’s also a US Marshal who is on his way to get hold of an accused with his work partner Jessa Baxter (Carra Patterson). When the duo reaches the office, their boss Jamez Mendez (Anthony Ruivivar), gives them Agent Long’s FBI case to look after the perp as his gang member might try to harm him.

Scott might like everything to be in order, but his life is a mess. He is still not over his ex; he is avoiding his mother’s call after his father passed away, and when he goes home, his sister Laura has a big surprise for him. Laura and her son Matthew come to meet Scott and bring along Hooch, Scott Turner Sr’s dog. Turner Sr wanted his son to look after Hooch. Sadly, Scott Turner Jr is not a dog lover.

Turner and Hooch Recap: Still 1
Turner & Hooch Recap: Still from the series

The drama unfolds in Turner and Hooch Episode 1 as the perp gets kidnapped by some gang members. Scott is on his way, and Hooch is accompanying him in the car. Jessica informs Scott that the kidnappers are driving a silver van that goes right in front of him. After some chase, Hooch and Scott try to get hold of these masked men, but they fail. Scott, Hooch and Jessica go to the station and inform everything that has happened.

Jessica tells Scott to meet Erica, a dog lover and trainer at the US Marshal who will help him understand Hooch. During their conversation, Erica tells Scott how dogs see more than what meets the human eyes. Scott’s nephew also tells something on similar lines to him. That’s when it clicks on Scott’s mind that his dog was barking at Agent Long when he came to the station. Thus, he concludes that FBI Agent Long is the man behind the perp’s abduction and Hooch had sensed it already.

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Turner and Hooch Episode 1: Still 2
Turner and Hooch Episode 1 Recap: Still from the episode

Scott Turner Jr’s theory is proven correct, thanks to Hooch. In the episode, he also reads a lovely letter from his dad where he praises Hooch and why he’s essential. Turner and Hooch Episode 1 Forever and a Dog ends with Laura informing her brother about dad’s case files, with some suspects’ pics were hidden in the closet. The episode ends by giving us a hint that Scott Turner Sr’s death might not be accidental.

Turner & Hooch Episode 1 Recap: Last Word

The first episode had some lovely and weak moments. It was a silly episode with nothing substantial happening. It’s just a gist of how Turner Jr and Hooch’s story starts. Maybe, the revelation, in the end, is what the main plot is.

Turner & Hooch Episode 1 is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Turner and Hooch Recap: Episode 1 called Forever and a Dog is out on Disney+ and Scott Turner Jr has a 'pawsitive' surprise coming his way.
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