Top 5 Son Ye Jin K-Dramas That You Must Watch

Son Ye Jin left us all mesmerised with her charming personality in Crash Landing On You and Thirty Nine. Son Ye Jin has been working in the entertainment industry for 22 years and boasts a huge filmography under her name. Once titled ‘Nation’s First Love’ in her home country, South Korea, she just got married to the love of her life Hyun Bin and we can’t stop gushing over their sweet romance. If you are a fan of Son Ye Jin or want to become one, here’s the list of best Son Ye Jin Kdramas that you must watch.

Crash Landing On You

One of the most popular works of Son Ye Jin, Crash Landing On You took the Kdrama world by storm in 2020. This Kdrama became the reason for the rise of the new Hallyu wave in the world. Son Ye Jin portrays the role of Yoon Se-ri, daughter of a conglomerate who accidentally crosses the border and lands in North Korea while paragliding. Ri Jeong-hyeok, a North Korean soldier, played by Hyun Bin, saves her from getting caught and later, they end up falling in love. Crash Landing On You is one of the highest-rated Kdramas of all time.

Crash Landing On You is available to watch on Netflix.

Personal Taste

son ye jin. lee min ho, personal taste
Personal Taste Poster

Personal Taste is a 2010 Kdrama featuring Lee Min Ho along with Son Ye Jin. It is a romantic comedy where Ye Jin’s character Park Gae-in mistakes Lee Min Ho’s character Jeon Jin-ho for being a homosexual person and lets him live with her. Gae-in is clumsy but works hard to prove her worth as a furniture designer. Jin-ho is an architect, trying to save his firm from going bankrupt. After her boyfriend cheats on her and dumps her, Jin-ho helps Gae-in to get back on her feet again and become confident. They start developing feelings for each other but the misunderstanding between them makes things complicated.

This Kdrama remains fan-favourite even after a decade of its release. It is available to watch on Viki.

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Something in the Rain

son ye jin, jung hae in, something in the rain
Something in the Rain Poster

Something in the Rain or alternatively known as Pretty Sister Who Buys Me Food is a 2018 Korean drama with Son Ye Jin and Jung Hae In as main leads. Yoon Jin-ah is in her mid-thirties and works for a coffee franchise. She has recently broken up with her boyfriend when she meets Seo Joon Hee, her best friend’s younger brother. Joon Hee is an animator in his early thirties who has just returned from the USA. Both of them unexpectedly fall in love and comfort each other.

Something in the Rain is available to watch on Netflix.

Thirty Nine

son ye jin, jeon mi do, kim ju hyun, thirty nine
Thirty Nine Poster

Thirty Nine is a beautiful tale of friendship between Cha Mi-jo, Jeong Chan-young and Jang Joo-hee. The Kdrama stars Jeon Mi-do and Kim Ju-hyun alongside Son Ye Jin. Mi-jo, Chan-young and Joo-hee have been friends for twenty years and just when they are at the end of their thirties, one of the friends is diagnosed with last stage cancer. They try to make the remaining time with their friend happiest and as memorable as possible. The Kdrama deals with mature themes of love, life and friendship.

Thirty Nine is available to watch on Netflix.

Don’t Look Back: The Legend of Orpheus

son ye jin, kim nam gil, the legend of the orpheus
Don’t Look Up: The Legend of Orpheus Poster

Don’t Look Up: The Legend of Orpheus, alternatively known as Shark, is the third part in the trilogy following Resurrection and The Devil. It is a thriller drama featuring Kim Nam Gil as Han Yi-soo, who disappears from Korea after a tragic event and returns 12 years later as Yoshimura Jun, a Japanese-Korean businessman. His first love, Jo Hae-woo played by Son Ye Jin believes he is dead and becomes a prosecutor to find out the truth. She has been married but gets trapped in a drama of love and revenge upon Yi-soo’s return.

Don’t Look Up: The Legend of Orpheus is available to watch on Viki.

How many of these Son Ye Jin Kdramas have you watched?

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