Top 6 Adult Animated Series That Are Relatable and Bingable

Adult animated series are always fun, not just because they bring back a little bit of childhood in all of our lives but more so because they portray stories that adults can actually relate to. Adult animated series are a great way to feel heard and understood – it feels like there are other people in this world who might just be going through this troublesome phase that is life. So, if you’re ready to take the jump, here are a few adult animated series that we love:

BoJack Horseman

I think one of the charms of BoJack Horseman is that it’s so absolutely relatable and portrays such deep and emotional themes that it sears into your heart. Humanoid horse BoJack, drowning in self-loathing, hate, sass and a lot of booze, drugs and sex tries to get back on his feet after his once-famous television career ended 18 years ago. However, the path to fame and self-discovery is riddled with difficult hurdles and a lot of loneliness. Will BoJack be able to get over them?

Don’t let us tell you how good it is though. It’s a series that truly touches your heart and is one of the best animated series that there is on any streaming platform right now.

BoJack Horseman is streaming on Netflix.


The newest member of this list, Invincible is a superhero adult animated series on Amazon Prime that is extremely well done and full of mystery, action and a lot of bloodshed. Definitely not for the little ones!

When Mark finally gets his superpowers just like his father, Omni-Man, a terrible tragedy occurs and a league of superheroes are brutally murdered. Will Mark be able to remove all the obstacles in his path and truly become Invincible?

Invincible is streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Read our review!

Rick and Morty

Rick is a sociopathic scientist who uses his daughter Beth’s garage as a laboratory. While going on various (mis)adventures, he takes his grandson Morty and the two form an unlikely pair who go on the most bizarre adventures.

Rick and Morty is a fan-favourite and is critically acclaimed. Not only are the adventures and gadgets that Rick and Morty go on and use on a daily basis absolutely bonkers, but the adult animated series also focuses on various family dynamic problems and tackles them in hilarious ways!

Rick and Morty is streaming on Netflix.


A tad bit different from the adult animated series in this list, Undone is a series that is highly underrated. Beautifully done using rotoscope, the series feels like watching a dream. A sad and existential crisis-filled dream. It tackles the feelings of inadequacy, loss and grief and is a highly highly-relatable series that touches your heart.

When Alma gets into a car accident, she comes out on the other side with a unique gift – time has become more… fluid. Using this, she tries to get into the deep end of understanding what happened to her dead father, with the help of her dead father. It’s surreal, it’s funny and it’s sometimes very sad and heartbreaking. An underrated adult animated series on Amazon Prime that seriously needs more hype. And that imagery – absolutely stunning.

Undone is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Big Mouth

Ah, the trials and tribulations of growing up. Big Mouth is a series that is so very graphic but also extremely relatable and maybe even necessary. All the things that confused us when we were growing up are talked about here in all of their glory – and rightly so! As an adult, Big Mouth as an adult animated series on Netflix bring back all of the awkward moments and encounters that growing up and puberty bring with them. Absolutely hilarious and deliciously cringy!

Big Mouth is streaming on Netflix.


How frustrated do you feel every day when you go to the office? I am sure a lot, right? Pesky bosses and annoying coworkers, along with the insane amount of workload – it’s a pain to deal with but it’s a pain without it as well! Aggretsuko follows a shy accountant, Retsuko, who deals with her terrible job by rocking it out at karaoke bars at night. Adulthood is difficult, and no one knows it better than Retsuko as she tries to just get on with her life. It’s an adult animated series on Netflix that you will immediately find relatable.

Aggretsuko is streaming on Netflix.

Honorable Mentions: Paradise PD, Final Space and Love Death + Robots.

What do you think about our list of adult animated series? Did we miss something that you love? Let us know in the comments section below – we need to watch some more relatable content!

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