Top 10 Horror Movies on Netflix We Love to Watch (and Rewatch)

Horror movies aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. However, if you’re in the mood for some thrill and excitement, then look no further, because horror movies will provide just that. Be it the old spooky ghosts, psychological horror, slashers, zombies, aliens or horror comedies, these top 10 horror movies on Netflix are just what you might need to watch (or rewatch) if you’re bored and need that shock factor. However, beware, they might not a walk in the park!

The Shining

Old is gold, and that’s definitely the case with The Shining. One of the most influential movies in the horror genre, it follows Jack Torrence and his family, who all move to an isolated hotel over the winter. However, the hotel has a violent past which, along with the isolation, begins to affects Jack’s sanity.

Watch it here.


Directed by Mike Flanagan, this one is a favourite of a lot of people. Kaylie and Tim, after witnessing the violent deaths of their parents, are haunted by a mirror which Kaylie believes to be cursed. The movie jumps between two different timelines and is a scarefest, especially how the parents get affected.

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Sinister is that creepy movie that you can’t get out of your head. Not only is the ghost scary as all heck, but those 9MM snuff films are the stuff from nightmares. Apart from these, it is also quite scary to watch Ethan Hawke’s Ellison walk down a path due to his own failure that eventually results in his demise.

Watch it here.

Train to Busan

A personal favourite in the zombie sub-genre, Train to Busan is a claustrophobic, maddening and emotional horror movie about zombies taking Korea. The movie takes place in a train, that adds to the scare factor – because, honestly, where would you run?

Watch it here.

Under the Shadow

A horror movie that is not very well-known among audiences, what works for Under the Shadow is the backdrop of the movie and the honest performances. This one’s surely going to mess with your mind.

Watch it here.

Dark Skies

Scared of aliens? Well, this one’s (maybe not) for you. Lacy and Daniel’s peaceful life is shattered when they realise that they are being targeted by something scary and possibly alien.

Watch it here.

The Babysitter

Looking for something fun but horrifying horror movie? Well, we have one here. The Babysitter is a serious entertainer, with the wackiest plot. With a second part coming soon, watch this for some terrifyingly fun times.

Watch it here.

The Cabin in the Woods

This movie completely deconstructs the horror movie genre and thus deserves a mention in the top 10 horror movies on Netflix list. A horror comedy at its core, it answers different questions regarding horror tropes, and HOW!

Watch it here.


A zom-com, this movie is a riot and equally gory. An unlikely group of people try to find their way to a safe haven in the midst of a full-blown zombie apocalypse. Zombieland is an extremely entertaining movie.

Watch it here.

Gerald’s Game

A psychological horror, a woman is in a deep mess after a night of kinky times goes south. With no hopes of escape, she starts seeing things… or does she?

Watch it here.


A seriously underrated movie, Creep shows what you shouldn’t do while answering ads. Aaron gets himself in a mess when he answers an ad to film a stranger for a day. However, the stranger has some weird demands that keep getting more bizarre.

Watch it here.

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