Tomorrow Fan Theories That We Immediately Need Answers To!

As we get ready to watch Tomorrow episode 9 tonight, The Swoon has posted some interesting Tomorrow fan theories on their Instagram Stories. Fans are dying to know some very pressing questions and till now, the series is holding all of its cards close to its chest. Apart from the very interesting, morally ambiguous situations that the series is putting our protagonists in, there are the protagonists’ personal lives that we, too, want to watch more of.

Tomorrow (내일) is a fantasy-drama Korean drama series starring Rowoon, Kim Hee-seon, Lee Soo-hyuk, and Yun Ji-on, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes which deal with difficult topics such as death, suicide and morality which is brought forth using different situations in every episode.

One of the pressing questions that The Swoon asked is whom Ryeon was destined to save. If you guys remember, the Director mentions in one episode that Ryeon is working for the RM team because she was destined to save someone. She doesn’t go too far into who it might be, but the possibilities are endless. Of course, it might be someone we haven’t met yet, but from the limited information that we do know till now, chances are that can be Jung-gil, Jun-woong or Ryung-gu. Fans in the poll are tied between the first two with Ryung-gu getting the least votes out of the four options.

Tomorrow Fan Theories

It seems possible that it’s Jung-gil, considering he has some stuff in his past that we are yet to know. But from his inability to sleep to his general bad mood, it seems likely that there’s something there. Then there’s Jun-woong, another very possible candidate. Maybe Ryeon saving him would mean that he would finally come out of his rut. However, it seems sort of unlikely, since Jun-woong is shown to be a happy-go-lucky guy.

The next question Tomorrow fan theory is whether Jun-woong goes back to his human life. This is a question even I am intrigued about. Jun-woong mentions to his father in one of the episodes that he has finally found a good job in one of the biggest companies out there. Plus, he seems to be very happy and learning a lot in Jumadeung. And although this might be a meaningful job, it’s also to note that his family is waiting for him with bated breath. Whatever the outcome will be, I am sure it won’t be easy.

The last question is whether Jung-gil is the mystery boy from Ryeon’s past. Although this wasn’t something I actually connected together at first but when you see it like that, it definitely makes sense! Now, do I want Jung-gil and Ryeon to get together somehow? Maybe. But it would make sense because, then again, maybe Jung-gil is the one she has to save. Something went down between the two when they were in their human bodies and this one gets a bit complicated without a little more information!

Although Tomorrow has been a bit on the fence till now, I hope that it’ll pick up the pace and answer our questions because we’re dying to know these things! Have more Tomorrow fan theories? Share them in the comments below!

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