Tomorrow Episode 5 Recap: Rowoon, Nam Hee-seon Unites Two Lovers

Tomorrow (내일) is a Korean drama-fantasy series directed by Kim Tae-yoon and Sung Chi-wook and stars Rowoon, Kim Hee-seon, Lee Soo-hyuk, and Yun Ji-on, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes and is based on the webtoon of the same name by Ra Ma. Tomorrow episode 5 is titled Tree 2 and has a runtime of 59 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:


– Tomorrow Episode 5 recap contains major spoilers –
– TW: Suicide –

Tomorrow episode 5 starts in the Joseon period with a boy and a girl, seemingly in love, talking about staying together and how much they care for each other. You know, typical teenage love stuff. Said boy and girl get married and seem blissfully happy. This was Ryeon thinking back about her past life. As we come back to the present, we see Na-young and Woo-jin’s love story as they grow with each other and spend time together. It’s sweet watching them fall deeper in love but also pretty horrible considering the next scene is of the accident where she dies.

Anyway, Ryeon stops him from taking more pills to end his life and asks him why he has unravelled to this extent. Coming from the previous episode, again, he says that he’s the one who killed her. This surprises Ryeon and as her phone alerts her of Woo-jin’s condition, she tries to come up with a better solution. While taking Na-young, the group comes across Jung-gil’s team and Ryung-gu stays back to face off against them. The fight has comic elements in it and, surprisingly, some weird animated bits that were not there in any previous episodes.

tomorrow episode 5
Still From Tomorrow Episode 5

Either way, as the others escape, Na-young tells them why Woo-jin said that he killed her. Basically, his mother died while giving birth to him and his crappy father blamed him for her death. After he ended his life, he was adopted by his uncle with whom he had a normal and happy childhood. However, that was short-lived after they, too, died in a car crash. It’s like he’s being followed by bad luck. Anyway, he blames himself for the misfortune.

It’s extremely sad to wonder that this does, indeed, happen in real life. Such misfortune does happen to children who eventually go through a hard time in life with little to no support. Please seek help from professionals and friends or family around you if you’re going through something like this. My heart breaks for everyone out there who is going through this kind of trauma.

Anyway, Woo-jin eventually learns to play the guitar and becomes a musician. He then meets Na-young but gets rejected by her family. She leaves her family to be with him and after a brief rough patch, they end up together. Back in the present, the team is in the hospital where they find Woo-jin to be missing. As they try to find him, Jung-gil gets there as well. Ryung-gu gets to her in the nick of time and as Jung-gil and Ryung-gu fight, Na-young finds Jun-woong.

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tomorrow episode 5
Still From Tomorrow Episode 5

When all hope seems lost, Ryeon tells Jung-gil that she is giving him a Reaper’s Guarantee of Responsibility. Everyone is taken aback and Jung-gil accepts her offer, although Ryung-gu is staunchly against it. Either way, they sign the contract and the team get back to trying to find Woo-jin. The latter is on his way to the roof, thinking back to all the tragedies in his life. As Ryeon tries to talk him off the ledge, Na-young can’t do anything but cry since he can’t see her.

After a last-ditch attempt, Woo-jin jumps off but Ryeon, with the last bits of her powers, unites Na-young and Woo-jin so that she can save him. She asks him to wait for her and to live his life because she will wait for him on this side. After a tearful goodbye and a few laughs, Woo-jin is transported back to where he seems to be a lot more hopeful. Ryeon, however, is not feeling that well and collapses in front of Jun-woong. As Ryung-gu and Jun-woong bid a tearful goodbye to Na-young, Woo-jin comes home and starts to take care of himself in anticipation of meeting the love of his life again.

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tomorrow episode 5
Still From Tomorrow Episode 5

Jung-gil, meanwhile, like the little b that he is, goes to talk to the Director and tells her that Ryeon obstructed the Escort Team’s work. However, the Director tells him that he should’ve been more flexible and asks him why he went there in the first place. He says that he wanted to see who these people are and that after seeing them, he despises them even more. The Director tells him that no one ever told these people the few words that could stop them from wanting to die – imagine how they might feel then. As he leaves her office, he thinks back to the events of 1 year ago, when the Director had created the RM team.

However, as he comes across Ryeon on his way back, he reminds her of the contract and asks her whether she’s ready to fulfil it. Back in the office, Ryeon and Jun-woong write the disciplinary report when he asks her why Woo-jin went through so many tragedies in his life. That karma and fate aren’t the only deciding factors. But the good thing is, Woo-jin and Na-young are destined to meet in every life and that they are connected by a thread that cannot be broken by anyone but them. That is, if any one of them ends their lives, they are punished by severing those who are tied to them.

In the end, Ryeon sadly says that it is almost impossible to get used to the work that they do.

Final Thoughts: Tomorrow Episode 5

tomorrow episode 5
Still From Tomorrow Episode 5

Tomorrow episode 5 is all kinds of feels. First of all, Woo-jin and Na-young’s story is just so sweet and the actors portray these two characters with such love that you can see it on-screen. You won’t be able to ascertain that these two are not, in fact, together in real life. Storywise, it’s the sweetest and the heartache that Woo-jin goes through is really difficult to sit through, especially being blamed for his mother’s death. Just sad.

The RM team, especially Jun-woong’s, work is less in this episode. It’s a lot of flashbacks into Woo-jin’s life and memories. Either way, I enjoyed seeing Ryeon’s humane side and how she is different from the rest of the managers. I would really enjoy watching more of the managers and why Jung-gil has to be this way. And, also, whether the Director’s words had any impact on him.

The conversation between Jun-woong and Ryeon, although short, was also one of the highlights. In spite of the short segment, it still felt very sincere and heartfelt. Jun-woong realising that there are deeper things in life and hardships that he has never even imagined is nice to watch because it will hopefully have a positive impact on his life. But more than that, it shows how caring Ryeon is and how wise she is. That she has gone through something horrible as well and thus she strives her best to help those in need.

Of course, there are some problematic things that have happened in some past episodes. Regardless, I quite enjoyed Tomorrow episode 5. There were a lot of takeaways this time around.

Tomorrow is streaming on Netflix.

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Tomorrow episode 5 is a special little episode with a lot of heart and tears.

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Tomorrow episode 5 is a special little episode with a lot of heart and tears. Tomorrow Episode 5 Recap: Rowoon, Nam Hee-seon Unites Two Lovers