Thirty Nine Episode 4 Recap: Son Ye-jin Makes a Pact With Jeon Mi-do

Thirty Nine (서른 아홉) is a Korean drama TV series directed by Kim Sang-ho and stars Son Ye-jin, Jeon Mi-do and Kim Ji-hyun, alongside other cast members. The series has 12 episodes and Thirty Nine episode 4 is titled Choice and has a runtime of 72 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:

Leaning on each other through thick and thin, a trio of best friends stand together as they experience life, love and loss on the brink of turning 40.

– Thirty Nine episode 4 recap contains major spoilers –

A look into the three going to a nightclub as Thirty Nine episode 4 starts reminds us of what we are going to miss out on soon. No more fun parties and exciting day and night outs for us, now that Chan-young’s diagnosis has broken all of our hearts into a million pieces. The three remember what’s important as they are denied entry into the nightclub, but have a fun time either way.

Back in the present, Chan-young chooses to not get chemotherapy as she is handed her chances of getting better, which are pretty low. Mi-jo implores her to see reason, that there is still a chance that she might get through this, that she should think about her parents. However, Chan-young knows better and says that she refuses to spend the next 6 months in hospital. That, if it were Mi-jo, she would choose the same.

thirty nine episode 4
Still From Thirty Nine Episode 4

Meanwhile, Joo-hee is ecstatic on winning the lottery. The two meet her to celebrate her win and after some awkward conversation, where Joo-hee tells the two that they don’t tell her stuff, Mi-jo tells her the truth. She doesn’t want to believe them at first but when the realisation sets in, she becomes quiet and leaves without saying much. As Chan-young goes home as well, Mi-jo meets up with Seon-u to share a drink.

As they embrace and talk about some heavy stuff, Jin-seok and Sun-joo discuss what he meant when he said that he knows everything. He asks for a divorce and after some back and forth, he says that she an have everything but his son stays with him. If she tries to pull anything smart, he will leave her with nothing. Sun-joo literally has nothing that she can say to this.

The next day, Mi-jo tries to help Chan-young in every way she possibly can. It’s a bit too much for her though and she asks her to give her some time since this is all very confusing for her as well. Although Mi-jo is trying to do what’s best, it’s obviously a lot for the person who is going through it. Meanwhile, Joo-hee is crying her eyes out at her workplace, just as Chan-young predicts.

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thirty nine episode 4
Still From Thirty Nine Episode 4

That night, Jin-seok visits Chan-young and Joo-hee, who awkwardly stumbles into their conversation, asks Mi-jo to not go to her place either. Just as Mi-jo is about to collect her thoughts, Seon-u ushers her off to his place to play a game. Although Mi-jo refuses at first, she enjoys herself more than she thought and the night doesn’t seem as bad anymore.

On the other hand, Chan-young asks Jin-seok why he’s leaving his wife now, of all times. He is adamant at his resolve and tells her why he’s getting a divorce – Ju-won isn’t his son but he’s still going to raise him alone. When it comes time for Chan-young to tell him her secret, it devastates him, of course. As he starts crying through disbelief, Chan-young asks him to not get a divorce. The next morning, Mi-jo declares to her family that her sabbatical would constitute taking care of Chan-young. In order to take care of her friends, she shops a whole lot, the three of them focus on getting ready and discussing Joo-hee shredding her lottery ticket.

Mi-jo asks Chan-young one favour for never asking her to seek medication – that she needs to be the happiest terminally ill patient ever. Yes, they go to the nightclub together, finally.

Final Thoughts: Thirty Nine Episode 4

thirty nine episode 4
Still From Thirty Nine Episode 4

Thirty Nine is just doing such a phenomenal job at storytelling. Although I do agree that they are not giving Joo-hee’s character the same treatment as Mi-jo or Chan-young, it’s still an amazing watch nonetheless. The way that Thirty Nine episode 4 ends is just heartbreaking in so many ways. First of all, the three try to forget that their best friend is dying. Although they have fun, that sense of loss is always at the back of their minds. Plus, now Mi-jo has to be there for a very sad Seon-u, someone who has always been there for her and helped her through some of the most difficult times in her life.

Ok, I also take back what I said about Jin-seok. Not that I ever condone cheating. But what his wife did to him is utterly despicable and throws out any and all pity that I felt for her. Jin-seok and Chan-young’s interaction this episode is the best of this episode and will push you to shed a tear or two.

All in all, this episode was heartbreaking in so many different ways. It’s a step away from Korean shows that we have come to love. It picks through the difficult situations that people go through in their lives. It’s not just office or neighbourhood romances – there are complex feelings and situations that people face and this show is doing a spectacular job at bringing all of that forth.

Thirty Nine is streaming on Netflix.

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Thirty Nine Episode 4 is all sorts of heartbreak, but one which you'll want to experience till the end!

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Thirty Nine Episode 4 is all sorts of heartbreak, but one which you'll want to experience till the end!Thirty Nine Episode 4 Recap: Son Ye-jin Makes a Pact With Jeon Mi-do