Thirty Nine Episode 2 Recap: Son Ye-jin Gets Some Devastating News

Thirty Nine (서른 아홉) is a Korean drama TV series directed by Kim Sang-ho and stars Son Ye-jin, Jeon Mi-do and Kim Ji-hyun, alongside other cast members. The series has 12 episodes and Thirty Nine episode 2 is titled One Absurd Day and has a runtime of 77 minutes.


Netflix describes the series as:

Leaning on each other through thick and thin, a trio of best friends stand together as they experience life, love and loss on the brink of turning 40.

– Thirty Nine episode 2 recap contains major spoilers –

Thirty Nine episode 2 starts with Chan-young trying on makeup in order to look “sexy” and attractive. Although the eyeliner idea doesn’t go down that well, her friends help her feel better when they try mascara and eyeliner on themselves. Ah, such wholesome friendship!

Anyway, back to the night when Mi-jo found out that Seon-u is her replacement – she’s left as an awkward mess who tells him to start over since it was an accident. However, Seon-u tells her that it wasn’t an accident, at least for him. Unable to say anything more, she suggests that they should talk about the clinic instead.

On the other hand, Chan-young breaks up with Jin-seok. While she at first tries to convince him that she’ll be a good mom to his son, if that’s his issue, she realizes that she’s being selfish. Also, the fact that Jin-seok himself doesn’t try to stop her from leaving adds another layer of heartbreak for her. She leaves after telling him that she feels bad for him. Meanwhile, Joo-hee talks to the owner of the new restaurant.

thirty nine episode 2
Still From Thirty Nine Episode 2

The best part about this series, though, is the friendship among the three friends. As Chan-young and Mi-jo discuss the absolute crap that they are going through that night, it feels like you’re actually watching two friends who have been through thick and thin for a long time. Their conversations are so funny and relatable yet heartbreaking and deep, it’s great! At the same time, Joo-hee is drinking like a fish and enjoying some good ol’ K-drama. Plus, the little titbits about each other the friends’ lives are so sweet and go to show that these are not one-dimensional people who only live for their friendship or relationship.

Either way, Jin-seok goes to meet Cha-young and asks her to go to Paris and study more. She’s annoyed at his suggestion and asks him to leave and not worry about her. The three friends go out for a medical checkup and decide to eat at Hyun-joon’s restaurant. Well, of course, they need to check him out – he hit on Joo-hee, after all! The pep talk that the girls give her is extremely funny but Joo-hee’s hopes are dashed when his girlfriend shows up. Liqueur is their best friend at that point.

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thirty nine episode 2
Still From Thirty Nine Episode 2

But the best part? Seon-u shows up there as well. It’s so funny to see him uncomfortable realizing that Mi-jo doesn’t want him to sit there. But she relents anyway. It’s hilarious to see her annoyed since now that her father wants to meet her, Seon-u needs to drop her off. At her parents’ house, the conversation turns hopeful since, unlike what Mi-jo thought, her parents are totally supportive. There’s a catch though – they want to go with her.

Seon-u and Mi-jo’s relationship just keeps getting better with every moment! The conversations that they now have are not awkward. Rather, they are full of friendliness and laughter. And… maybe something more? They hang out that night as well and have wine in paper cups. They discuss his relationship with his sister and why he came to Korea in the first place. Meanwhile, Jin-seok just doesn’t want to leave Cha-young alone and keeps pestering her to hang out with him.

That night, Cha-young and Joo-hee hang out at Mi-jo’s and tease her incessantly for her relationship with Seon-u. Joo-hee goes a step further and calls him from her phone. It’s hilarious watching the three running around with Mi-jo’s phone while she tries to stop them. The next day, a mortified Mi-jo tries to convince Seon-u that she didn’t call him but before that conversation can end, they are invited to an office party that night for Seon-u.

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thirty nine episode 2
Still From Thirty Nine Episode 2

After the dinner, a drunk Seon-u confesses his feelings for an equally drunk Mi-jo but in the most unromantic way possible. Mi-jo is taken aback and wonders what to tell this man drunkenly confessing his feelings. However, they both go home when they realize they are way too drunk for this conversation. The next morning, Seon-u, now sober, delivers a wonderful bouquet to Mi-jo’s office and tells her that this is to finish his confession from last night.

However, her happiness is short-lived when she gets a devastating call – no you have no idea what’s going on. No, I was not prepared to be this shocked and devastated.

Final Thoughts: Thirty Nine episode 2

thirty nine episode 2
Still From Thirty Nine Episode 2

Thirty Nine episode 2 will get under your skin in a very difficult way. Thus, when the end twist comes to slap us across the face, you are left confused wondering how something this extreme can happen this fast. I mean, we just started knowing these characters! It doesn’t help that all of them are so well-rounded and likeable. Sure, they have their flaws. But they aren’t inherently bad people. I can’t wait for the next episode now!

Thirty Nine is streaming on Netflix.

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Thirty Nine episode 2 is all sorts of heartwarming and heartbreaking.

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Thirty Nine episode 2 is all sorts of heartwarming and heartbreaking.Thirty Nine Episode 2 Recap: Son Ye-jin Gets Some Devastating News