Enjoy These ‘The White Lotus Memes’ After The Terrific Finale!

The White Lotus memes are being shared on the internet after such a mind-boggling finale. The HBO series was directed by Mike White and had a stellar cast – Murray Bartlet, Jake Lacy, Jennifer Coolidge, Natasha Rothwell, Fred Hechinger, Alexandra Daddario, Connie Britton and Steve Zahn.

In the six episodes, we saw the wealthy white guests at the Hawaiin hotel act as if the world revolves around them. But it was also the curiosity to know who gets murdered at such a lavish hotel. The mystery is now revealed. So if you are yet to watch the finale ‘Departures’, proceed to read The White Lotus memes article by your wish.

In the last episode, we find out that Shane ends up killing Armond in The White Lotus Episode 6. It was an expected twist, but poor Armond had it coming, considering the clash between the two of them. What’s shocking is how Shane got away with the murder only because of his wealthy privilege. Another sad part of the series was Tanya backing out of the business plan she proposed to Belinda.

The White Lotus Memes still
The White Lotus Memes: Still from the series

After watching the finale, several viewers expressed their thoughts through funny The White Lotus memes. These memes are hilarious and awkward, just like the tone of the show.

Check out The White Lotus memes:

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In an interaction with Indiewire, actor Murray Bartlett shared his thoughts on playing Armond. The actor said, “I have tended to be a people-pleaser type of person in my life. So to do some of the things Armond gets to do was kind of therapeutic. Most of us can relate to the thing of having a public mask that we present to the world and having an inner life that is at odds with that. [With] every character, there’s an opportunity to find the aspect of yourself. With Armond that was quite confronting, because he’s got a very rich inner life and a lot of it is quite dark.”

About The White Lotus finale and reason for killing Armond, director Mike White shared, “Well, the thing is, I was like, “We got to have a death here.” Because otherwise it’s just going to be like My Dinner with Andre in Hawaii or something. So it was engineered from the beginning and I just felt like the guy’s like an actor who plays King Lear. He has his best scene ever. And then he has the ultimate act of defiance where he craps in someone’s bag. And I was like, ‘There’s really nowhere else to go from here.’ But this is your swan song. So it felt like the right ending for him.”

After receiving such an outstanding response for the first season, the makers recently confirmed The White Lotus Season 2. The news made all the fans happy and excited to know what’s going to happened next.

Did you like the ending of season 1? Which are your favourite The White Lotus memes? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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