The White Lotus Episode 6 Recap: Death and Departures

The White Lotus Episode 6 ‘Departures’ is now out on Disney+. It’s the last episode of Mark White’s HBO series. The one-hour episode stars Murray Bartlet, Connie Britton, Jennifer Coolidge, Alexandra Daddario, Fred Hechinger, Jake Lacy, Brittany O’Grady, Natasha Rothwell, Sydney Sweeney, Steve Zahn, Lukas Gage, Jon Gries, Molly Shanon and Kekoa Scott Kekumano.

The synopsis for Departures reads – Rachel reveals stark truths. The Mossbachers turn the page on a traumatic event. Belinda gets bad news, and Armond exacts revenge.

– The White Lotus Episode 6 Recap contains spoilers –

Rachel finally tells Shane that marrying him was a mistake and that she doesn’t want to be a trophy wife in The White Lotus Episode 6 Departures. Olivia confronts Paula about Kai and the robbery. Olivia assures Paula to trust her and says that she’s nothing like her parents. “You’re just like your parents”, responds a teary-eyed Paula without sharing anything. Armond informs the Mossbacher family that the thief Kai has been apprehended and that their jewellery will be returned. Quinn informs his parents that he intends to stay at the hotel. Nicole and Mark tell him that’s not going to happen. 

Shane learns about the robbery in the Mossbacher family’s room.  He contacts the hotel’s owners and informs them of the situation. The owners call Armond to tell him that they’ll be firing him the next day. Armond is furious with Shane and vows to exact revenge.  Armond, Dillon and a few hotel staff get high using Paula and Olivia’s drugs.

In The White Lotus Episode 6, Tanya ditches her plans of starting a business with Belinda. She informs the spa manager about the same. As all of Belinda’s hopes come crashing down, she is distraught. Paula is devastated by what she did to Kai and throws away the necklace he gifted in the ocean. Rachel is also in tears, regretting her decision to marry Shane. She gets a new room for herself to stay away from her husband.

The White Lotus Episode 6 Still
The White Lotus Episode 6 Recap: Still from the series

In HBO’s The White Lotus Episode 6 ‘Departures’, we finally learn who is murdered. In Shane’s absence, a high Armond enters his room. Armond defecates on Shane’s clothes. Unfortunately, Shane enters the room, and the hotel manager rushes to the restroom. On the phone, an enraged Shane complains about the turd to the hotel staff. He is suspicious of someone in his room and takes a knife in his hand.  Shane ends up stabbing Armond and runs out of the room, as the hotel manager lies lifeless in the bathtub.

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‘Departures’ ends with Shane shaking hands with a few cops as the new The White Lotus manager bids him goodbye with a smile. The new hotel manager is dressed up like Armond as he and Belinda, and Dillon bid farewell to the hotel guests. Armond is dead, but the guests leave just the way they arrived at the hotel. Shane’s wealthy status helped him in avoiding arrest, and Rachel gets back to him. Tanya and Greg leave together, as do the Mossbachers. Quinn, on the other hand, flees the airport and returns to the hotel.

The White Episode 6 Recap: Final Thoughts

The final episode showed what it means to be privileged. Tanya only needed a random man to make her forget about Belinda, who had comforted her when she was grieving her mother’s death. Shane had killed someone, and his wife Rachel felt like sh*t on their honeymoon. But he departed the hotel as if nothing had happened, and Rachel returns to him. Paula is upset about what she did to Kai, but that’s all there is to it. In a few days, the pain will fade, and she’ll be ready to resume her normal life with Olivia. Even though Armond is no longer alive, the hotel will continue to welcome new guests as if nothing had happened.

Mark White put on a brilliant show for us, and the ending couldn’t have been more perfect. The drama, the dark humour, and the privileged white characters all worked well together, reflecting the unfairness of society.

The White Lotus Episode 6 is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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The White Lotus Episode 6 Recap: In the final episode, we finally find out who gets murdered. Olivia confronts Paula about Kai and the robbery.

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The White Lotus Episode 6 Recap: Death and DeparturesThe White Lotus Episode 6 Recap: In the final episode, we finally find out who gets murdered. Olivia confronts Paula about Kai and the robbery.