The White Lotus Episode 3 Recap: Mysterious Monkeys, Sex Pigs!

The White Lotus Episode 3, Mysterious Monkeys, is now out. The 58-minutes episode by Mike White stars Murray Barlett, Connie Britton, Jennifer Coolidge, Alexandra Daddario, Fred Hechinger, Jake Lacy, Brittany O’Grady, Natasha Rothwell, Sydney Sweeney and Steve Zahn.

The description for HBO series’ latest episode reads, ‘Stripped of his gadgets, Quinn reluctantly takes a scuba class with Mark, who’s struggling to process revelations regarding his late father.’

– The White Lotus Episode 3 Recap contains mild spoilers –

Quinn loses all of his electronic devices (phones, Nintendo, etc.) in the sea in The White Lotus Episode 3, Mysterious Monkeys, opening. In the second episode, he sleeps on the beach after his sister Olivia and her friend Paula didn’t let him sleep in their room. Quinn is enraged and insists that Nicole give him a new phone. Nicole has a zoom meeting with China scheduled for the day. Mark is having a hard time accepting his late father’s homosexuality. Olivia claims that Mark’s behaviour is homophobic, but Nicole advises her daughter to give him some time to settle.

Shane and Rachel had a hot night together. Shane brings up the subject of sex at breakfast, which alarms Rachel. She inquires if he is only in the marriage for sex. Shane expresses his displeasure by stating that he is not a sex pig. He plans a romantic evening on a boat for his wife to show off his romantic side. On the other hand, Armond is out to ruin Shane’s evening by giving him the same boat that Tanya booked to spread her mother’s ashes in the sea. Shane is unaware that Tanya will be on the same boat as him and that Belinda will be joining her.

The White Lotus Episode 3 Recap: Still 1
The White Lotus Episode 3 Recap: Still from the series

In The White Lotus Episode 3, the lavish hotel’s pool has again added to the agony. Rachel becomes enraged when Shane flirts with Olivia and Paula, and she walks away. Quinn and Mark have decided to go pool scuba diving. However, before it begins, Mark speaks with his son Quinn about his late gay father, a topic in which Quinn is uninterested. Mark walks to the hotel after his scuba diving session. Mark, still reeling from his disbelief, makes Rachel uncomfortable by discussing his and Nicole’s sex lives. Quinn joins the couple to grab Mark’s phone, as the former has misplaced all of his belongings.

Shane and Rachel are on the boat with Tanya and Belinda as the sun sets. Tanya’s presence irritates the couple as she begins to mourn the loss of her mother. Their evening has been entirely spoiled, and Shane now has even more reason to despise Armond. Mark and Armond have a chat about gay sex and his late father in the hotel. Mark has lost control of himself. He first made Rachel uncomfortable, flirted with some girls, and now asks Armond if he’s gay.

Nicole inquires about her husband  Mark, during dinner with Paula, Olivia, and Quinn. Nicole complains that he hasn’t responded to any of her texts, and Quinn responds that he has his father’s phone. They’re all arguing about Quinn’s stay and Mark’s reaction to his late father’s homosexuality. Shane returns to the hotel, enraged and ready to confront Armond. The hotel’s manager is busy doing drugs and hitting on one of his male staff.

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The White Lotus Episode 3 Mysterious Monkeys ends with Olivia seeing that Paula is hooking up with the hotel waiter. She is not happy to see the two together. Quinn is jerking off to the porn outside, and Rachel and Shane get cosy. Today’s episode can be described rightly in Mark’s words to his son – You know what’s real? Gay, straight, whatever, we’re all just monkeys, we’re just f*cking monkeys, driven by base instincts to create these hierarchies and hump each other.

The White Lotus Episode 3 Recap: Is it worth watching?

The third episode gave us no clues as to who killed whom or why. However, after witnessing Olivia’s reaction to her friend having sex with someone else, I believe the victim is either Paula or Rachel. But, before we get there, Mark White wants to show us the craziness of these wealthy people.

The White Lotus Episode 3 is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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The White Lotus Episode 3 Recap: Titled Mysterious Monkeys, we find out the horny side of some guests that tend to make others uncomfortable.

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