The Ultimatum Finale Review: Time For Therapy, Guys

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On is a reality TV series starring Nick and Venessa Lachey. The series has 10 episodes, each around 35-60 minutes long. The last two episodes, releasing on April 13, include the reunion episode as well.

Netflix describes the series as:

Get hitched or call it quits? Couples put their love to the test — while shacking up with other potential matches — in a provocative reality series.

– The Ultimatum finale review does not contain spoilers –

What a clusterfuck this has been! You can sit around beat yourself up about some (or all) of the decisions that these people make throughout the show and the finale isn’t anything different. Let’s take this episode-wise:

The Ultimatum Episode 9:

As the couples make their decisions and some propose while others don’t, they all shed quite a few tears that might just make this all feel a bit unreal and fake. I’ll just mention this right here: literally, none of these people come out of this “experience” looking like good people. All of them are very toxic and immature and really need to work on themselves a lot before tying any kinds of knots. But here we are today.

Anyway, is it entertaining at least? Yes, definitely. It’s extremely entertaining. You watch this go down and somewhere you feel like, thank god this is happening to you and your family (to quote Moira Rose)! You cringe, you gasp and you watch people bombing their own lives in the worst possible ways. Some come out it somewhat alive while others are left burnt to a crisp.

the ultimatum finale

I think the episode is a bit factual and isn’t as dramatic as the drama Llama in me would prefer. There still are a few shocking moments that I didn’t see coming. Some minuscule sweet moments and some very funky editing made me feel like I was watching a home video. I don’t know what’s up with that, but whatever.

Am I satisfied with all of these outcomes? Oh, hell no. The fact that you see so much drama in the last few episodes and the sheer amount of backstabbing from some of these people for it to come back to them engaged is quite shocking and a bit odd because the last we saw, they didn’t do anything to get over these obstacles. Am I surprised? Not really. Although, at this point in this reality TV hell, that’s what we expect.

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The Ultimatum Reunion:

I am sorry, but a baby goblet sippy cup? Yeah, that’s extremely cute, I am here for it. But that just says a lot about what this reunion is like. The Ultimatum reunion is as much of a dumpster fire as all the other episodes.  It’s also a lot of other baby stuff but this episode is just so fun to watch. Clarifying that it’s still pretty bad, god it’s addictive. Watching the bickering and the explanations is worth it, no matter if it’s just very problematic.

the ultimatum finale

So, who is doing what? Well, everyone is doing well, some better than others. Some are just still as much of a dumpster fire as they previously were. But, at least it’s great entertainment and it answers a lot of questions that you might have. The worst of the lot was Rae and Zay’s odd fight, I feel like Zay really hasn’t learned much through all of this. But, hey, that’s the journey we are here to watch. It’s interesting and such a dumpster fire that it’s entertaining as heck and definitely a must-watch if you watched the season anyway.

Summing up: The Ultimatum Finale

the ultimatum finale

The Ultimatum finale is a mixed bag. I think episode 9 was a bit mellow but it definitely made up for it with the episode 10 surprises. All in all, it’s a show that showcases what not to do and if you relate to any of these people, then it might be time to get some therapy.

The Ultimatum is streaming on Netflix.

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The Ultimatum finale is an entertaining dumpster fire that will make you want to see a therapist.

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The Ultimatum finale is an entertaining dumpster fire that will make you want to see a therapist.The Ultimatum Finale Review: Time For Therapy, Guys