The Third Day Episode 6 Review: A Heartbreakingly Dramatic Divorce

The Third Day is a drama miniseries starring Jude Law, Naomie Harris, Katherine Waterston, Emily Watson, Paddy Considine and Mark Lewis Jones, among others. The first part focusing on Jude Law’s character is called Summer. The last, starring Naomie Harris, will fall under Winter.

The Third Day episode 6 review:

The Third Day episode 6 proves that the entire series is for Helen. And its also a divorce story that might convince you to never get married.

So, The Third Day episode 6 answers almost all questions, and, most importantly, it finally gives us a reunion between Sam and Helen. Jess turns out to be a chilling villain and it’s a shame that we didn’t get to see much of why she became who she did.

Helen and Sam’s reunion isn’t anything peachy or happy. It’s emotional, but not the good kind. We get to know the real reason Nathan disappeared, and contrary to what “Summer” tried to make us believe, we also get to know that cheating was nothing new for Sam.

That angle changes things – the person you’ve been sympathising for since episode 1 turns out to be a dumpster fire of a man, and any and all sympathy gets thrown out of the window. However, you kind of do feel bad for Sam; he’s so far off from reality that it’s heart-breaking. That’s proven when he tells Helen why he ran away with the money. The guilt he felt at losing Nathan made him a husk of a person, and thus he readily believed Osea’s lies so that he could live with himself.

The Third Day episode 6

On the other hand, you also learn why Helen was on the island in the first place. It’s baffling to me as to why she would bring her two very young daughters to an island which gets cut-off from the rest of the world for extended periods of time. And weirdly, the only person with some sense in the series is Lu – she’s the real MVP.

As I was saying, I wanted to know why and how Jess became this new villainous person in “Winter”. They don’t show much about how and why the shift happened. But Jess, holding a newborn baby and with a sinister twinkle in her eyes, seems like a perfectly chilling villain we want to see more of. We also bid adieu to two great characters, although their deaths were rather sudden and without much fanfare. In my opinion, they deserved more.

It also makes sense as to why Summer and Winter had such distinct styles of filming. Summer was a reflection of Sam’s mental state – it was a fevered dream and always so dreamy because that’s what Sam’s reality was. On the other hand, Winter is colder. There’s no fevered dream or bright colours because Helen is cold and composed and had to keep it together to save the family.

The Third Day episode 6

And control she did! Although I wasn’t a fan of the scene where she saves Lu and Ellie, I think it meshes well with the overall story and the absolutely crazy things we have watched. It is also nice to see the parallels between Sam and Helen trying to escape the island. Sam didn’t have the willpower to bypass the hurdle, however, Helen overcame every with extreme difficult but not without success.

Another big revelation in The Third Day episode 6 was Sam. We learn that he hasn’t been able to quite take care of Osea, and has been rather “lax”. However, when he finally snaps and becomes a cold-blooded man, it’s frightening. The scene also proves that something has indeed changed in Sam, and the last time we see him promises that there might be more violence that we might not be exposed to. Is Jess in trouble?

Summing up: The Third Day

The Third Day episode 6

The Third Day episode 6 provides a good conclusion to an exceptional miniseries. It ties up all the loose ends and delivers an episode which truly feels like a great finale. It’s a commentary on grief, and how the same incident has profoundly different impacts on different people. Because, at the end of the day, The Third Day is about two people who are trying to come to terms with losing a child.

The Third Day episode 6 is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar and HBO.

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The Third Day episode 6 brings an end to an exceptional miniseries about grief and its impacts and beautifully ties up its loose ends.
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