The Third Day Episode 5 Review: Complications and More Complications

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The Third Day is a drama miniseries starring Jude Law, Naomie Harris, Katherine Waterston, Emily Watson, Paddy Considine and Mark Lewis Jones, among others. The first part focusing on Jude Law’s character is called Summer. The last, starring Naomie Harris, will fall under Winter.

The Third Day episode 5 review:

If you thought things couldn’t get more complicated after last week, you’re so very wrong.

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We get to know in The Third Day episode 5 that yes, Helen does have a reason to come to Osea. She knows Sam was last seen here 9 months ago, and that he disappeared after that visit. However, the day she was supposed to go back, she meets a heavily pregnant Jess, who is on the verge of giving birth. Helen helps her, but when they both get to know each other’s’ identities, things get very dark and complicated.

One of the key components of The Third Day episode 5 is how much you root for Helen. She’s someone who has been through a lot, and the revelations in this episode will make you want to force her to go home. Because let’s face it, Osea is a cult island, and you should never trust cults. However, her desire to know the truth takes the best of her, and she gets into things she shouldn’t. As she goes deeper and deeper into the labyrinth, you are painfully made aware of how long the causeway will be open and how slim her chances of survival can be.

The Third Day episode 5
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The two kids, too, have their moment, especially Ellie. Kail takes an interest in Ellie and takes her to a secret place which will immediately give you the creeps. Her secretive and outwrite creepy behaviour will make you question Ellie’s safety. On the other hand, Talulah is left alone with Jess, and upon knowing her true identity, something horrible happens.

I feel especially bad for Jess. She seems to be totally in the island’s and its inhabitants’ control and has accepted the place’s teachings. There’s a chilling madness in her eyes as she talks about her baby and how it’s special. Jess was one of my favourite characters in the first part of the series, and seeing her like this in The Third Day episode 5 really broke my heart. We are yet to know how things happened the way it happened, why Jess is still on the island, if she was forced by the islanders or if it was her choice and how it all works out for Helen.

The Third Day episode 5
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Part 1 and 3 mix in this episode as well, with the last shot being a painful reminder for Helen and how her life has turned out. It remains to be seen what the next episode brings since it’s the last.

The Third Day has been quite an impressive show and as a drama, it has really outshone itself. There’s a lot of layers here – with grief being the main focus. With one more episode to go, it remains to be seen how it ties up all of its loose ends.

The Third Day episode 5 is streaming on Disney+ and HBO.

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The Third Day episode 5 brings it up a notch with re-introducing characters and meshing the stories together. It's tense and taut.
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