The Third Day Episode 4 Review: A New Beginning?

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The Third Day is a drama miniseries starring Jude Law, Naomie Harris, Katherine Waterston, Emily Watson, Paddy Considine and Mark Lewis Jones, among others. The first part focusing on Jude Law’s character is called Summer. The last, starring Naomie Harris, will fall under Winter.

The Third Day episode 4 review:

The Third Day episode 4 starts off with Helen taking her daughters on a holiday to Osea. It’s hinted that there’s some tension going on, and that something happened in Ellie’s school, but we don’t know the extent of it. Helen really wants this holiday to work out – they’ve been through a lot, she says. And we feel that too.

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However, the audience is also aware of Osea and what’s going on there. Helen and her family come across some of the townspeople, are denied a place to say and ultimately the causeway closes. The episode will invariably infuriate you, atleast until the end twist. You will be annoyed as to how many huge red flags Helen ignores. There are so many things that happen that would’ve made any of us run for the mainland, but she just has to have the perfect birthday for Ellie.

The Third Day episode 4

Ultimately, the end twist makes you wonder whether there’s more to Helen’s visit than she’s letting on. Does she know something? Is there something more serious going on? Is it happening before or after episode 3? Why don’t the townspeople want the family to stay? All these questions (and more) are left to be answered in the next two episodes.

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Like its predecessors, The Third Day episode 4 is brilliantly shot. But unlike the first three, this one doesn’t seem like a fevered dream. Don’t get me wrong, the direction and cinematography are beautiful, and will make you want to get lost in the shots. But it doesn’t feature as many nauseating close-up shots (yet). It’s still pretty claustrophobic though, and the scenes seem so sad because most of the colours are washed out.

The Third Day episode 4

Naomi Harris does an excellent job as Helen in The Third Day episode 4. She fearless and strong, yet vulnerable and sad and Harris does an admirable job at portraying all of those emotions adeptly. There’s a certain relatability and realness to her acting that makes you root for her. However, her character takes some heavily stupid decisions, and you’d also feel frustrated with her choices. The two kids also do a good job, along with all the cast that we’ve grown familiar with in the past three episodes.

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The Third Day episode 4 is streaming on HBO and Disney+ Hotstar.

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The Third Day episode 4 starts off with an (apparent) clean slate, but there's something mysterious going on in Osea. Will Helen and her family manage to survive?
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