The Summer I Turned Pretty Ending Explained: What Happens to Belly and Susannah?

The Summer I Turned Pretty on Amazon Prime Video seems to have pleased all our romantic hearts with its complicated yet feel-good love story and friendship arcs. Created by Jenny Han and Gabrielle Stanton, the series is based on the book series by Han of the same name. Han, Stanton, and Karen Rosenfelt serve as Executive Producers along with Hope Hartman, Mads Hansen and Nne Ebong for wiip. It consists of seven episodes in total.

The Summer I Turned Pretty stars Lola Tung as Belly- our protagonist along with Jackie Chung as Laurel, Rachel Blanchard as Susannah, Christopher Briney as Conrad, Gavin Casalegno as Jeremiah, Sean Kaufman as Steven, Alfredo Narciso as Cleveland, Minnie Mills as Shayla, Colin Ferguson as John Conklin and Tom Everett Scott as Adam Fisher. The show has already been renewed for a second season. So, how did the finale go? Find out below!

The Summer I Turned Pretty Ending Explained

In The Summer I Turned Pretty final episode, we finally see Belly attend the debutante ball with Jeremiah as her escort. However at the ball, Jeremiah is nowhere to be found before the last dance and Conrad steps in to save the day as the two dance on Taylor’s Version of This Love. Jeremiah walks in on them and tries to talk to Conrad as he had just found about Susannah’s cancer through a trial mail sent to him. But, while trying to talk to Conrad he realizes that his brother already knows about the cancer and has been keeping it to himself. Thus, the depressed and lonely attitude Conrad has been showing all summer.

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This revelation prompts Jeremiah to hit Conrad and the two get into a fight at the ball. Susannah intervenes to stop her boys, only to realize they know about her cancer. Belly and Steven also get to know of Susannah’s suffering and it is heartbreaking for them all.

At their home, Jeremiah and Conrad convince Susannah to go through the cancer trials and, although she is reluctant at first, she agrees for the boys. Laurel also rejoices as Susannah is finally giving herself a chance to survive this.

As for Belly, well, at the end we see Belly and Conrad sitting at the beach talking about how happy they are for Susannah to take up the trials. Conrad confesses his love for Belly saying he has always liked her. However, Belly tells him that she is not going to take advantage of him as with the Susannah scenario, he is clearly at his lowest. She does not want him to give into his feelings when vulnerable.

The duo understand where both of them come from. At the end of the episode, we see Conrad and Belly share a kiss at the beach as Belly’s monologue says that if this can happen to her, anything is possible.

The Summer I Turned Pretty Trailer

You can watch the series now on Amazon Prime Video. To read our review for the same, click here.

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