The State of Mind Mirrors the State of the Room

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A person’s state of mind refers to the emotional state that they are in. When a person experiences a change in their emotional state or mood, it normally results in a change in their behaviour. It could be a change in the way the person reacts to the people around them or the manner in which they engage in an activity, such as listening to music or exercising, to deal with that emotion.

The mind works in mysterious ways and I firmly believe that a person’s personal space, such as their room, is a good indicator of their state of mind. This is based on the premise that a person would only be able to showcase their true uninhibited self in a space that belongs to them.

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Their personal space would be the ideal place to detect small hints as to what their emotional state is, at that point in time. For example, if a person is angry, they may destroy things in their room; if they are happy, they may decide to change the decorations in their room; and if they are sad, they may stop cleaning their room as a reaction to their state of mind.

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A room is a private space that they spend a lot of time in and is more connected to how a person thinks than most people would admit. For example, if a person has a messy room, I believe that the messy room could indicate that the person’s mind is slightly chaotic and cluttered with thoughts. The same idea can be applied to a clean room that is well organised. It could indicate that the person is systematic and organised both mentally and externally.

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A lot of the changes that occur in a person’s room regardless of whether they are temporary or permanent occur because of a certain emotional reaction or change in their state of mind. The person may make conscious changes that they feel reflect their personality but it is the subconscious changes that occur over time that truly depict what the person is thinking and feeling.

Although the state of the mind affects the state of a person’s room, I believe the same can be said for the opposite as well. If a room is dark and dingy, it may result in the person developing negative emotions and thoughts whereas, a person with a bright spacious room with a lot of light could be feeling generally more positive.

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When people are in a bad mood, they spend most of their time in their rooms. If they do not have the right environment to take control of their emotions, then I believe that the situation might just escalate and in some cases, may become too much to bear. If a person has a lot of negative thoughts or is not able to control their emotions, changing the colour of the room’s walls to brighter shades or adding plants to your room may be good ways to change and improve their state of mind.

If you feel that your room is not good for your mental health, then it is a good idea to change a few things and increase the positive energy in it. This could include scented candles, bright lights, pleasant images, neutral to bright shaded sheets and curtains, windows allowing sunlight and proper ventilation. The state of mind is very easily swayed; it is scientifically proven that something as simple as making your bed immediately after waking up is extremely good for your state of mind and helps in making a person more intent on achieving their goals for the day.  

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