The Republic of Sarah Episode 1 Recap: An Unappealing Story of Justice

The Republic of Sarah episode 1 of Season 1 has been uploaded on Voot Select after it premiered on the CW. It is a drama series directed by Erica Dunton and Kat Candler. The first episode runs for around 40 mins.

The Republic of Sarah episode 1 opens with the audience getting an overview of the town and its streets before cutting to a sleeping woman. This turns out to be the protagonist, Sarah Cooper. She’s a teacher but the first scene gives us the idea that she might just be a member of a rock band.

The Republic of Sarah
The Republic of Sarah Episode 1 Recap: An Unappealing Story of Justice 3

The story is based in a New Hampshire town where a unique mineral, Coltan, is suddenly found underneath the town which starts attracting a lot of attention from the people. Soon, a big tech company, Lyndon Industries, gets the information about the mineral.

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Lyndon Industries comes to the town and starts to disrupt the lives of the townspeople in The Republic of Sarah episode 1. They want the mineral for their own benefit and even though they promise to give the residents new homes, a few didn’t like their deal. Here, comes the rebellious, cool, young AP history teacher Sarah Cooper (played by Stella Baker) along with a few of her teammates who vow to protect their town from the destruction of the company.

When Lyndon Industries sends their lawyer representative to talk to the townspeople in The Republic of Sarah episode 1, Sarah realises that he is none other than her brother Danny (played by Luke Mitchell). He was gone from the town for 8 years and never even kept any relation or communication with her or their mother. However, after so many years, he is back to deal with the people on behalf of the company.

Now, Sarah and the others decide how to take the company down and, as the name suggests, the episodes will show how she gets her town back. Will Sarah get the justice she is seeking for her town? Will she get the independence she is fighting for? To know what happens next and how she protects her town, you have to watch this series. The next episode will release on June 21, Monday.

The Republic of Sarah
The Republic of Sarah Episode 1 Recap: An Unappealing Story of Justice 4

Stream it or Skip it: The Republic of Sarah

The director tries to tell the same old story in a new way and even though The Republic of Sarah episode 1 has its charms and good elements, it fails to connect with the audience. It stars Stella Baker as the lead along with Luke Mitchell, Megan Follows, Izabella Alvarez, Ian Duff, Hope Lauren, Nia Holloway, Landry Bender, and Forrest Goodluck in other main roles. The actors have played their characters with great skills but the storyline fails to explain the motto of the series as well as create an impact on the audience so that they come back to watch the next episode.

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Personally, I would not suggest this series because we have seen a lot of movies like this and this has nothing new to deliver. However, it’s a suitable one-time watch.

The Republic of Sarah is currently streaming on Voot Select.

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The Republic of Sarah episode 1 introduces us to the main players but fails to leave a lasting impression.

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