Netflix’s The Princess Switch: Switched Again Review: Royal Doppelganger Shenanigan

The Princess Switch: Switched Again premiered on 19th November 2020 on Netflix. Directed by Mike Rohl and written by Robin Bernheim and Megan Metzger, the film stars Vanessa Hudgens, Sam Palladio, Nick Sagar, Suanne Braun, Mia Lloyd, and Suanne Braun alongside other cast members.

The Princess Switched. AGAIN!

The Princess Switch franchise is back with The Princess Switch: Switched Again as the Christmas season is close with snowfall, Christmas trees, and decorations and lights. In the earlier instalment of the movie series which premiered exactly 2 years and 3 days back (16th November 2018), we saw Vanessa Hudgens as Stacy and Margaret but characters have been increased this year for Hudgens. In The Princess Switch: Switched Again, she plays three characters – Stacy, Margaret, and Fiona! And while Stacy and Margaret are pretty much identical, Fiona is the blonde bratty cousin with a weird spoilt accent!

The storyline hasn’t changed much since the first film. Switching places, confusion, and a happy adorable ending. The only thing that has seen a change is the sudden demise of the King of Montenaro, Margaret’s father, which leads her to inherit the throne as a Queen. With things hitting a rough patch between Margaret and Kevin in the last film, the second instalment looks out for the pair and introduces a third look-alike Fiona who has ambitions on her own and often adheres to larceny in Royal gatherings. Things take a not-so-hard turn for the Royals when Fiona enters the doppelganger trifle and what follows is a bit of a Royal run-up, love, and a happy ending.

The Princess Switch: Switched Again

When I saw the poster of The Princess Switch: Switched Again, it instantly reminded me of a dress-up game I used to play online as a child and with that image I dived into the movie after 2 years of watching the first instalment. The fresh point for me in the film was that it was not stereotypically based in New York in any of its scenes and didn’t even talk about it. Phew! But with pretty much every movie and series out this season revolving around Christmas, you would rather watch Dash & Lily.

The film is shiny – with a beautiful palace and decorations and with a few moments that’ll make you go aww! but again, it is literally like every Christmas movie you’ve seen. The movie is designed for a good family night with kids who will love the plot twist, snow, and beautiful palace lights and in that area, it succeeds. It gives out the message of kindness and true love, power, and country and it works but when you have seen hundreds of Christmas movies like this to date it’s predictable.

A special mention to Vanessa Hudgens for being able to pull off 3 different characters with grace and finesse! One thing great about the movie is its cast (out of which 3 characters are Hudgens herself) – everyone ranging from the Queen’s ensemble to the Royal subjects and love interest are perfect!

Stream It or Skip It

The Princess Switch: Switched Again

SKIP IT! If I didn’t know any better I would say that the film is stream worthy but there are ample of films like The Princess Switch: Switched Again out there in various shapes and form. While the movie is enjoyable, it is 100% predictable and you would see Hudgens changing her accents and costumes frequently. However, it is not Royal mayhem, and instead, it is a sweet and small Royal rough patch which is solved in like 30 minutes.

The Princess Switch: Switched Again is now streaming on Netflix.

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The Princess Switch: Switched Again has the princesses switched again! Will they find their way back to their original self or will the Royal Christmas and the state of Montenaro suffer? Stream It or Skip Ir? Read Here

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