The Perfect Mother Ending Explained: Did Anya Get Off Scot Free?!

The Perfect Mother, or Une mère parfaite, is a French drama-thriller series directed by Frédéric Garson and stars Julie Gayet, Andreas Pietschmann, Eden Ducourant and Maxim Driesen, alongside other cast members. The series has 4 episodes, each with a runtime of around 50 minutes.

The byte-sized series packed a lot of punches and provided several confusing twists and turns that might just get the audiences’ heads spinning. So, if you’re interested in The Perfect Mother ending explanation, then stick around to know more!

The Perfect Mother Plot

Netflix’s The Perfect Mother focuses on Anya Berg and her mother Helene. Anya, studying in Paris, gets embroiled in the murder of a wealthy heir to a cosmetics bigwig. Although the police arrest her, her mother is sure that her daughter isn’t like her. According to Helene, Anya doesn’t lie and she would never do something this mad. Seems like she told the universe just how to hurt her, isn’t it?

Anyway, Helene gets in touch with her lawyer ex-boyfriend Vincent and together they set out to prove Anya’s innocence. Unfortunately, life isn’t as simple and eventually, they find out the truth that comes as a shock for Helene… or is it really the truth?

The Perfect Mother Ending Explained

the perfect mother ending explained

Ok, so Anya did kill Damien, that part’s pretty clear. But who was Anya, why did she kill Damien and was she living a second life? The answer to the last question is, well, yes. So, let’s get into it.

The story starts before Anya moved to Paris. She was sexually and emotionally abused by her then-boyfriend and the trauma and guilt pushed her to run away to Paris in order to get away from his toxicity. In Paris, she never went to in-person college, opting, instead, to attend classes online. She started working at a women’s shelter and several other organisations where she sublet her college accommodation to women in need.

In one such organisation, she met Kamal, a refugee who needed passage to have a good life. Anya and Kamal (apparently) fell in love and she tried to do everything in her power to help him get a better life. Unfortunately for her (and him), her past trauma made her overprotective of the victims of the shelter and she got too deep into their stories. In one such incident, in order to exact revenge and get money from a professor, she and another friend hatched a plan where the latter would deliberately drug herself while with him and Anya would catch them in an inappropriate act and extort them.

Anya tried to pull the same stunt with Damien, considering he’s a known rapist whose mother is always throwing money at problems to make them go away. Unfortunately, the fact that her friend refused to participate further as well as Damien being a cocaine-snorting results in him raping Anya. Basically, she lost control of the situation that she was sure she had a grip over. In between all this, she calls Kamal over to the apartment to get her and he stops Damien from assaulting her further. Unfortunately, though, this results in a scuffle between the two and Anya ends up stabbing and killing Damien.

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the perfect mother ending explained

Anya, later, stays true to her words and doesn’t implicate Kamal who would be deported if his name came up. Just as his luck would have it, Helene gets to know through her own investigation that Kamal is already married and has a child as well. This truth rocks Anya, who confesses his involvement and in a bid to run away from the police, Kamal falls from a bridge and dies. Eventually, when the case goes in front of a judge, the incident is put on a dead Kamal’s shoulders and Anya goes home free.

The Perfect Mother has other interesting aspects surrounding Helene, her husband Matthias and their son Lukas and their own personal conflicts that give the characters life and make them relatable. If you want to read the review of the series, check it out here.

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The Perfect Mother, or Une mère parfaite, is streaming on Netflix.

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