The Parisian Agency: Exclusive Properties Season 1 Review: Exquisite Luxury Estate

The Parisian Agency premiered on 23rd June 2021 on Netflix. The official synopsis of the 5-episode long series reads “This reality series follows the Kretz family and their luxury property business as they help clients buy and sell fabulous homes in France and abroad.”

The Parisian Agency

Luxury Real Estate

There is nothing that matches the fascination that comes with luxury estates in world-class locations which is both modernized and rooted in history. With The Parisian Agency Netflix adds to its list another show around and about Luxury real estate and this time to take us into the world of chateaus and more as we meet the Kretz family in France. As the series continues we see properties not just in Paris but other locations around Europe too and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t amazed at the sight of these places.

The Kretz family includes founders Olivia and Sandrine Kretz with their three adult sons — 31-year-old Martin, 29-year-old Valentin and 25-year-old Louis who are on board with the family business. The fourth son- 16-year-old Ralph, though still in school, is expected to join the family business if he wishes to and there will be no hassle for he has learnt it all since birth. This family dynamic in The Parisian Agency adds a sense of warmth to the entire idea of business. It is not all professional but we get to the emotional and humane bits too.

The Kretz agency is real, the family business story is real, the emotions, breakdowns and moments are all real and these elements are not just thrown in by the makers to add a personalized effect to the entire series. The reality part of it is what makes The Parisian Agency a bit more likeable than other series of such nature. Moreover, for the most part of it, the series strays away from typical Reality TV drama, like the ones you’ll see in Selling Sunsets or Million Dollar Beach House and we like that because somewhere in these made-up conflicts the series loses its charm and reality.

In the initial episode, the Kretz go out to see a Chateau that is 100 years old and is magnificent and in it are chairs that cost almost the same as the entire Chateau and that’s crazy! And as Martin Kretz says, while someone would see these chairs in a museum, someone would sit on them and eat, it’s crazy. And undeniably, yes, it is mind-blowing. For a layman like myself who doesn’t know the lengths and depths of real-estate, The Parisian Agency did leave me enamoured with everything it offered throughout its 5 episodes.

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Stream It or Skip It

The Parisian Agency

STREAM IT! The Parisian Agency: Exclusive Property is beautifully shot and scripted. It’ll be no surprise if the show would make you want to go out and at least see these mind-blowing places. It is worth your time and offers warmth and professional vibes all at once. France never ceases to enamour everyone with its beauty and The Parisian Agency is your ticket into more such beautiful estates with a more personalized feel.

The Parisian Agency: Exclusive Properties is streaming now on Netflix.




The Parisian Agency: Exclusive Properties is your ticket into mind-blowing and exquisite luxury real estate in places like Paris, Ibiza, and Boulogne.

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