The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 5 Recap: Messengers and Troubles

The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 5 called The Art of Convenyance and Round-Trippey is now out on Disney+. The 53 minutes episode is written by Taylor Mallory and directed by Karyn Kusama. The series stars Tony Hale, Kristen Schall, MaameYaa Boafo, Ryan Hurst, Mystic Inscho, Seth B Carr, Emmy DEoliveira, Marta Kessler and Gia Sandhu.

The description for Episode 5 reads, “Reynie and Sticky investigate secret transmissions. Constance and Kate explore the island.” The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 5 Recap contains spoilers. The episode starts with Sticky and Reynie putting on their Messengers outfit as Mr Curtain gives them the sash. He assures Sticky that his loyalty in the Pressure room helped him win the Messengers post.

Mr Curtain says it’s a weird coincidence that both the boys arrived in the same car and became Messengers quickly. He asks them if they know each other already. Reynie says that it’s just a coincidence. In the next scene, all the four kids are having their lunch together. They discuss the new secret Morse code message from Mr Benedict. The message has words like Copper waves, bell and boulder. The kids are having a hard trying to decipher it.

The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 5 Recap: Still 1
The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 5 Recap: Still from the series

The other Messengers tell Sticky and Reynie to join them at the Messengers eating table and tell them that they have huge responsibilities on themselves. Two other Messengers arrive and ask others if they saw any light blinking by the sea last night. The blinking light is how the kids would contact Mr Benedict using the Morse code. Reynie and Sticky give some excuses and handle the matter. But the Messengers says that they will remain alert from here onwards.

The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 5 takes us to Stonewall, where Mr Benedict receives the kids’ message about the blinking light issue. They discuss another way to contact the kids, and Number Two suggests Falcon birds. As they all head out of the house to see the bird, they are greeted by an unexpected guest – Ms Perumal. She asks Mr Benedict about Reynie’s whereabouts and threatens him that she will take action against him if he doesn’t tell the truth.

At the institute, two Messengers blindfold Sticky and Reynie and take them to a place called Whisperer. Mr Curtain is waiting for them and gives confusing answers to their queries about Whisperer. Mr Curtain says Reynie will first take the Whisperer test, and both wear a white helmet. A female voice asks some personal questions to him – what book did he last read, what’s his favourite language and what does he fear the most. Reynie says his fear is being alone.

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As the boys are put through the weird test, Constance and Kate try to find clues for Mr Benedict’s coded message. However, Kate gets called by her Tetherball team leader for an important meet. As Kate is busy there, Constance ends up deciphering the code and finds the boulder. After the session, Kate arrives, and they succeed in opening the bolder.

The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 5 Recap: Still 2
The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 5 Recap: The Art of Conveyance and Round-Trippery

Cut to the scene at the Whisperer; it’s now Sticky’s turn to answer the same tricky questions. Sticky says his fear is not being wanted at all. From Mr Curtain’s expression, it seems like he is keeping all this personal information about the kids for evil purposes. In the boulder, Kate and Constance see how people’s minds are swept there. Suddenly, they hide as Mr Curtain arrives there to speak to the scientist. At the Stonewall, Mr Benedict fails to convince Ms Perumal about his mission with kids to stop the Emergency.

Mr Curtain tells the boulder scientist that he can’t wait anymore and they should start the trial tomorrow. All the four kids meet and tell each other everything that happened. Ms Perumal tells Mr Benedict that she will inform the Juvenile Rights officers about what he did to the kids. He tells Perumal that she can’t do anything as his brother handles top-level government. So whoever she will try to contact will disappear. That’s exactly what happens when she tries to contact the department.

The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 5 The Art of Conveyance and Round-Trippery ends with Mr Curtain is excited about tomorrow as he gives himself a haircut.

The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 5 Recap: Last Word

We still don’t know what Mr Curtain’s plans are. But today’s episode dropped the hint that we will find about it in the next episode. There must be a reason why Mr Curtain seems so happy about the next day.

The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 5 is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 5 Recap: Sticky and Reynie are getting to know their Messengers duty while Kate and Constance discover something big.

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