Apple TV+’s The Mosquito Coast Episodes 1 and 2 Review: Thriller with No Plot

The Mosquito Coast is a series of seven episodes, among which only The Mosquito Coast episodes 1 and 2 have been released in India streaming on Apple Tv+, each one hour long.

Set in Latin America and Mexico, The Mosquito Coast is a remake of Paul Theroux’s Mosquito Coast movie, released back in 1989. This series is based on an adaptation. The backdrop may give you a vibe of Breaking Bad, but the storyline has no match.

The Mosquito Coast
Apple TV+'s The Mosquito Coast Episodes 1 and 2 Review: Thriller with No Plot 3

It features Paul’s nephew Justin Theroux as the lead actor of the series. The story revolves around Justin’s character Allie Fox and his family, including his wife and his two children. The first episode of the series opens with a black screen where Allie is seen showing his son Charlie (Gabriel Bateman) how a block of ice can be formed from fire. He wants to get a patent for his invention but gets rejected.

As the story unfurls in The Mosquito Coast episodes 1 and 2, we see that Allie’s family stays standalone, far away from the city and don’t use a telephone or even a television. When Allie finds out his daughter Dina (Logan Polish) is using a mobile phone, he takes it and throws it away. His wife Margot (Melissa George) is seen using a typewriter.

At this point, you might think why they are staying hidden? What is the story of Allie’s life? Well, in The Mosquito Coast episodes 1 and 2, it’s not clear, the plot is very blurry, and it might feel like the story is going nowhere.

As far as the story has reached, Allie is a sort of scientist who can upturn anything into something but has too much hate for the American country and does not trust many people. He has done something major, which is why he needs to stay undercover and even homeschool his children. He works at a corporate firm as a plumber to earn money which is not enough and gets home using cooking oil from restaurants to make fuel for his cars.

Eventually, he gets to know that his house will be taken away, and soon enough, the cops find out about them. Dina, his daughter, wants to have a normal life and hates and blames her father for their poor condition. On the other hand, Charlie is very dedicated to his father. The second episode is all about how Charlie tries to save his family from the cops. Does he successfully pull off his plan or does he sacrifice himself? What happens next? Do the cops get a hold of them? To get all these answers, give this a watch.

The Mosquito Coast
Apple TV+'s The Mosquito Coast Episodes 1 and 2 Review: Thriller with No Plot 4

The Mosquito Coast episodes 1 and 2: why should you watch it?

It is mainly adapted from the novel and the movie Mosquito Coast but is portrayed in a modern light. The directors have done a great job in terms of the setup, lighting and scenic beauty of Mexico and Latin America. It is a tale by Therouxes, written by Paul and acted by Justin. Since The Mosquito Coast episodes 1 and 2, I am completely in awe of Justin as Allie. And Logan as Dina is a surprise element here, and Gabriel as Charlie is just perfect as a teen boy who loves his father and family. The series is worth giving a try.

Why you might not stream it?

Well, if you ask me honestly, I felt the problem is with the plot. I really haven’t got the hang of it till now; I am hoping in the next episodes things will be clear, but other than that, nothing seemed to have a flaw.

The Mosquito Coast episodes 1 and 2 are now streaming on Apple TV+. The 3rd episode will release on May 7.

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The Mosquito Coast episodes 1 and 2 demonstrates a thriller story without an aim.

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