The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episode 7 Recap: Sarin Ronnakiat and Thuchapon Koowongbundit’s Lovers’ Quarrel

The Miracle of Teddy Bear (คุณหมีปาฏิหาริย์) is a Thai romantic-drama-fantasy series directed by Paajaew Yuthana Lorphanpaibul and stars Sarin Ronnakiat, Thuchapon Koowongbundit, Thanapon Jarujitranon and Parada Chutchavalchotikul, alongside other cast members. The series has 15 episodes and The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episode 7 has a runtime of 90 minutes.

Netflix describes The Miracle of Teddy Bear series as:


– The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episode 7 Recap Contains Spoilers –

The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episode 7 opens with Nut dragging Tofu out of his after Tofu’s words in regards to Nut’s lips stirred some old feelings. Nut takes Tofu to the local police station stating that he is unaware of Tofu’s intentions and, that he is a stranger living under his roof. After a comical exchange of words with the police and, knowing that Tofu is unaware of his age and that Nut and Tofu have shared a kiss, the police officer states that Nut could be charged with child abduction.

Nut leaves the police station frustrated and, asks Tofu to reveal his identity. Tofu confesses that he is Nut’s teddy bear but, Nut is angered by the revelation and, calls Tofu a liar and hits Tofu. Nut abandons Tofu near the police station. Later, we see Nut reminiscing how Tarn had kissed him and told him the exact words that Tofu. Meanwhile, a disoriented Tofu is fortunately picked up by Gen from the streets.

Gen informs Na that Tofu is with him and, asks her not to worry. Gen then inquires what has Tofu done to make Nut so angry to which Tofu replies that they had actually shared a kiss and, he can’t understand why Nut would lash out. Gen’s parents wake up and, help Tofu with some first aid for his bleeding nose and food. Tofu discovers that Gen’s father, Sitha and Nut’s father, Sib served their years in the military together. Tofu gets to know from Sitha and Gen both how Nut’s father was a serious and strict man.

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Meanwhile, Nut continues to think about Tofu and his similarities with Tarn starting from saving him from the basketball to cooking the burnt pork. The next day while getting ready for the office, Nut finds the scarf of his teddy bear and realizes that his teddy bear has been missing. He discusses with Gen about Tofu and, the similarities he has with Tarn. Gen explains that it is not uncommon for Nut’s ex and others to do things the same way or like similar things.

On the other hand, Tofu returns to Nut’s house with Song to look after Na, after Nut leaves for the office. Tofu finds Na looking at a picture of Sib, her and Saen together and, she is reminded of how the picture ended up being taken and the conversations that took place. Tofu remarks that Na looks happy in the picture to which she says that sometimes people seem happy before a nightmare. Tofu and Na continue to have a conversation on this topic for a while until the camera shifts to Tarn’s hospital in Chaing Mai.

At the hospital, we go through Saen’s flashback of how he borrowed money from Sakon to help out Na and her grandmother. We also see Sib interfering and, Saen’s feelings towards Sib and, Saen feels that he is not good enough for anything. Back at Tarn’s place, Anik and his team of officers look through the house. Anik is informed of the lab results from the bloodstains that were collected from the house and, it is deduced that a fight took place at Tarn’s residence and, later his body was planted near the tracks to make it look like an accident.

Prib visits Tarn’s house and, asks Anik if she can look through Tarn’s stuff to find out who was the person Tarn liked, to create a miracle. Meanwhile, Nut finds Tofu at his house and has another episode of aggression. He lashes at Tofu, who leaves even though Na requests him to stay. Gen and Song question Nut for being mean and rude to Tofu. Song takes Tofu home, even though Na and Tofu’s departure is heartbreaking to see. However, before heading to Song’s house, both of them head out to find Na’s left slipper when Tofu gets tangled up in a mess.

Tofu is taken to the police station but, Anik comes in to save the day. Nut, on Gen’s suggestion, goes to bail out Tofu when he finds out that Tofu has already been bailed out. Anik and Song take in Tofu and, let him stay in Neung’s room. However, Nut later visits Song’s house to get a look at Tofu and, is caught. Anik calls Nut in and talks to him about his relationship with Tofu. Later, Nut takes Tofu home and, the two make up by exchanging sweet words and, promising to be together and keep each other happy.

Final Thoughts: The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episode 7

The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episode 7 gives Nut and Tofu’s relationship some depth. We also get to understand Nut and Tarn’s relationship better. Overall, the episode focused on Nut and Tofu and, created their perfect love circle for the duo to have each others’ back. The episode is emotional and endearing and, definitely a step up from the last ones.

You can watch the episode now on Netflix.

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The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episode 7 is emotional and endearing.

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The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episode 7 is emotional and endearing.The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episode 7 Recap: Sarin Ronnakiat and Thuchapon Koowongbundit's Lovers' Quarrel